Game Island Era

Game Island Era
Publisher NetEase
Genre RPG
Size 1.7GB
Latest Version Beta
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OS Android Games

Being in the wild is one of those terrible experiences. You will face a lot of different things, and they will all be able to kill you at any time. Spirit and body must always be in a state of intense tension and alertness. Nature only selects the most powerful things to be able to adapt to them. Modern humans are hardly able to live wildly in nature. Because they are familiar with the comfortable life and almost unnecessary functions in the healthy life, have been eliminated. This means that they have evolved to separate from nature.

The mobile game combines adventure with sandbox

Then, if nature is not only aggressive but also old and full of prehistoric monsters, things are fiercer than many times. The Tigers are not only strong, energetic but also gigantic in size, mammoths and dinosaurs unique to the world. At this time, there is no way to defend yourself and no superiority to living animals. They have only one thing in the animal world, intelligence. Island Era simulates life difficult and dangerous in this era. With the intelligence and resourcefulness available, live your self in this wild wilderness.

In fact, this game has announced its launch in the summer and now is the time to start the beta test to prepare for a perfect launch. If you have read this information, then please download the game quickly with the download engine or download prestige at my website. Surely you will not be disappointed with your choice.

How to play

You have to get involved in this game to see the fun of Island Era, even fun, not as stressful as what I described (LOL). This is a survival game but sandbox style, so you are not bound by any rules at all. Even in this world, you are equipped for the power that prehistoric comparisons are “gods.” However, before becoming a strong living person in the wild, you have to go through quite difficult times.

Sum up

Join the game you do not have a little equipment for yourself so first make sure that you earn some food to survive the difficult days. Then find yourself a small shelter not to be killed wildlife. And you still have to start cultivating farming tools, hunting weapons, building shelters and raising livestock for life. But you also have the power to control the elemental nature. Water, fire, poison, wind and other elements can be controlled by you.


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