Game Jetpack Joyride

Game Jetpack Joyride
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Genre Arcade
Size 125M
Latest Version 1.41.1
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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The game was created to entertain people, so it has been very well received and has now become a billion-dollar industry. Every day, many titles of different genres are released to make the market more and more diverse. One of the genres that attract the most attention of many players is Endless Runner because the game is very entertaining. Besides, the shooters are also one of the most appreciated and long-lived genres in the gaming industry. So what happens when the two are combined? What kind of game will be released?

The answer has been answered in the game Jetpack Joyride – a game that has been released for a long time in the market. The game has the best of the two famous game genres mentioned above to bring a new experience to those who come to the game. Although the game has been released for a long time, until now, this is still a great choice for entertainment. So what makes a game that has been released for so long but is still noticed by many people?


Barry Steakfries is a salesman who works for an antique player factory in the town where he has lived for a long time. In the past, this was one of the products favored by the people of this city because the music was relaxing. But times have changed as technology developed, and these things were no longer suitable for the residents of this city. Because of business losses, the company has led to an outcome that is bankruptcy, so he was forced to resign.

After he quit his job, because he had nowhere to go, he wandered the streets and accidentally got lost in a Legitimate Research laboratory. So guy Barry saw scientists experimenting with a new jetpack called Machine Gun Jetpack, which does not use hot air to fly but uses bullets. Being in a state of depression and disappointment, so he decided to storm the research room to steal that jetpack. And that is when his adventure with the jetpack that I stole began.

Simple one-touch gameplay

The gameplay of the game is very simple when done in a one-touch style, so it won’t take too long to get used to it. When you touch the screen with your finger, the jetpack will shoot the bullets and that is what makes Barry fly into the air. The player’s task is very simple that is the point where Barry runs as far as possible to get the highest score possible. Players do not need to swipe in the same direction as in many games of the same genre, but just touch the screen to play. This is a very simple thing that anyone can do it, even a novice game player can do it for the first time.

Avoiding obstacles is collecting coins

Legitimate Research is a secret government laboratory and it has a lot of pitfalls and obstacles to protect the assets in it. So when Barry steals the Machine Gun Jetpack, the defense system of the lab is activated and used to destroy Barry. In these dangerous times, the player is the one who will help Barry to overcome these challenges. Traps such as laser fences or rockets inside are many, in order to overcome them, the Machine Gun Jetpack must be used. Players can combine flying or landing to cross laser barriers and missiles in the game.

Barry’s Costumes

The game’s creative team has added a lot of different outfits so Barry can change it regularly. The outfits will be divided into 2 parts that are the head and the body for easy selection. Two parts of the same type will form a complete outfit, for example, Zombie Head will come with Zombie Body or Top Hat will come with Classy Suit. But the game does not have to go with a new set to play the game, but players can freely choose them to create uniqueness.

Support Items

When players enter the game, items with a rainbow-colored box will appear occasionally. When the player touches this box, a special item will be randomly equipped. Items will never disappear if the player does not encounter the challenges of the game, so this is a spare life to protect himself. Items like Bad As Hog this is a chopper, Mr. Cuddles a dragon mecha, an airplane in the shape of a bird named Profit Bird.


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