Game Machinarium
Publisher Amanita Design
Genre Adventure
Size 240MB
Latest Version 2.5.6
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Update January 2, 2020 (1 year ago)

Machinarium – We all love touching love stories, and pity for relationships love is separated. This topic is probably familiar to people who love watching movies, or readers of love novels, right? But this topic is also the content of the Machinarium game. However, this is not a love affair between one to the other, but a love story between two robots. So far, everyone has the idea that robots are dry, emotionless things. But at the hands of Amanita Design game company, will make you think again about this issue! Now, let’s go find out the story with me!


Machinarium tells about the journey to rescue the girlfriend of Josef robot. His girlfriend was kidnapped by a group of Black Cap Brotherhood robots. They took his girlfriend into the city center, then threw him to a very remote dump. He seems to be disoriented, but his courage, as well as his great love for the robot, causes Josef to have a spirit that cannot be defeated. He promised himself that he would definitely save his love, and beat the evil Black Cap Brotherhood. How many difficulties will he face? And will his journey to rescue his girlfriend be successful?

Robot city adventure

The game’s beginning is a desolate setting, slums, and waste dumps on the outskirts of the city. This is where the Josef robot is left. His legs and arms parts seem to have completely lost. First, you must help him find these parts before starting his journey to rescue his lover. Next, you will control Josef to find the center of the city, through dark tunnels. Along the way, you will encounter other robots coming from the Black Cap Brotherhood gang. By collecting the necessary items, you need to destroy them or cross them without letting them detect. In addition to wisdom, Josef can store objects. Use your analytical abilities, and pick up useful items, then save them in Josef’s body, because sometimes you’ll need it.

The system will not have a text guide for you, so, in addition to your logical and analytical abilities, you have further help to be able to judge Josef’s situation. You will make predictions with images, and maybe it will help you.


As you can see, the Machinarium graphics are nicely designed. The characteristics of a “gloomy” robot world are shown through the ingenuity of the designer. Moreover, gray and dark colors are used as the primary color tones, creating a quiet, but somewhat frightening setting. This is quite useful because it will stimulate you to focus on thinking, finding solutions to the puzzles of the game.


Machinarium is a classic game in the genre puzzle that you should not miss. In addition to solving puzzles and participating in the storyline of the game, you can also join in other attractive mini-games such as shooting balls, checkers, The integration of other games into the storyline makes the game more dramatic. Every time you solve the mini-games, the system gives you a few more instructions, so you have more facilities to solve the puzzles. And now, this game is being released for a little more than $3; you can pay and download it to your device.

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