Game My City: Island

Game My City: Island
Publisher Nexelon inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 45M
Latest Version 1.3.92
MOD Info Unlimited Mone
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Update September 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

The city itself is a place where many people live, especially in big cities with huge populations. A big city is also a place where opportunities are opened up, and many come to seize an opportunity. To develop a city is not a simple thing; it takes a very long process to achieve success finally. There are many games on the theme of city building that has been launched for players to experience. But have you ever seen house construction on an island? If not, it is because you have not come to the game My City: Island to experience. This game will turn the player into a manager of a city on an island.

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That island’s name was Kakau Island!

The Pacific Ocean is a vast sea with many islands on it, but there is only one island with the appearance of a city, Kakau. Long ago, Kakau was the most thriving island in the four oceans, and it was the dreamland of many people. Many people have given up life on the mainland to move in here. But the Pacific is also a very dangerous place where there are so many earthquakes that can destroy the islands. It seemed that the tremors would not reach Kakau, so many people choose to live here. But they were mistaken, on a typical day like usual, when people were still going out to do what they needed to do, an earthquake struck.

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Build famous landmarks in my city!

This earthquake was not an earthquake of small magnitude, but extremely large, enough to destroy all structures on Kakau Island. Fortunately, the people were promptly evacuated, so there were no casualties, but the island was no longer ideal to live. Years later, when everything is back to normal, you once again decide to go to Kakau to rebuild the city. This is very dangerous because, in the past, it had a great earthquake that destroyed everything. Those warnings did not stop the player but decided to go here to build the city.

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City exploration

This island has been abandoned for a long time, and all buildings have been destroyed for a long time. So the remaining vestiges of that life are ruined structures, and if not renovated, it is impossible to live. So when you come here, to start building, the player needs to find a way to improve this island. First, the player needs to remove rocks and large trees that grow where you are trying to build. They need to be cut down and transported to form a clearing and to build structures on it. This work also consumes a lot of time to complete.

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Build your city

True to your original purpose when deciding to go to this island, building new buildings to restore vitality to the island bouncing. So when everything has been cleaned up, it’s ready to start building the first buildings. The first thing that needs to be made is housing for people coming here to live; the more houses built, the more people will come to this place. Once the population level has reached a certain threshold, the player needs to make things to satisfy human needs. For example, there are restaurants for entertainment, movie theaters, parks, and many other things. There are many types of restaurants, for example, Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, and many other places to choose from. But when there are many buildings, there is one thing that players need to care about is how to move between buildings. Players need to invest money to build more roads for people to move.

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Expansion to other islands

In the Pacific Ocean, there is not only one island, but also many islands located close together to explore. Players can spend a large amount of money to unlock other islands and build civilizations there. But to do that, it will take players a lot of money and time to build a new city. Besides, when everything has been completed, you also need to build a bridge to connect the islands, and people can travel on to many different islands.


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