Game Mouse House

Game Mouse House
Genre Puzzle
Size 140M
Latest Version 1.56.7
MOD Info Unlimited Cheese/Coins
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Update September 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

Games on the theme of decorating the houses are no longer something new on the field for players to experience. They are often combined with Puzzle elements to give players a more enjoyable experience. Players can become anyone, an office worker, an ordinary person, or a designer when coming to experience the game. Those are the role models that players will be immersed in to experience such games. So, have you ever transformed into a mouse to play a game? If not, it is because the player has not come to the game Mouse House: Puzzle Story to experience. This game is an exciting puzzle game for players to experience. It does not follow the familiar paths of this series but follows a different, more interesting way for players to experience. When players come to the game, forget what the player has ever experienced and ready for something much more new. The game promises to bring players many great features for players to experience.

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A great choice for those adore colorful match 3 adventures

Unlike the games that players often experience, this game does not take the form of the main human character for you to experience. In this game, the character that the player will have to play that role is a mouse named Billy, a genius mouse of the mouse family. He decided to leave his family to go to another place and continue his studies. When he was gone, Billy’s entire family went to the port to see him off to another city. But some time after he left the family, the human family bought a cat to catch the mice. This cat has been threatening the safety of the entire mouse family for many years continuously, and it is still looking for ways to catch them all. So Billy’s family had to send a letter to Billy to call him back after completing the entire course. The time he returns is to use the knowledge he has learned to protect his family.

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Repair the village of mice

Because Billy left for so many years, make the cat destroyed everything and made the village a mess. By the time the player came to this place, everything had become too old and could no longer be used to live. So the player’s task is to repair all of those things to make the village beautiful again. But this journey will not be easy when the player has to face a lot of difficulties, of which the most challenging thing is the cat. When players need to repair or replace something, players need a cheese star to use. The way to get them is to complete match-3 titles.

Complete match-3 titles

To repair the house, the player needs to completely match the match-3 games that the creative team put into the game to challenge the player. The gameplay of the game is straightforward, remains the same as the traditional games for players to experience. Players only need to arrange the positions of the blocks so that they form a horizontal or vertical row to make them explode. When the player is made up of four or more blocks, it will create an item to support the player. It can be a rocket that can destroy a horizontal line or vertical line, depending on the player. Or players can form a Spinner to be able to destroy all blocks of the type that the player chooses. Players need to know how to use these support items in the best way to be able to complete the game. Do not use them in a wasteful manner to avoid not being able to finish the game in time.

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Satisfying the requirements of the game

In this game, not the higher the score, the player can complete the game that the player needs to complete the requirements of the game to get them. Each level, the game will give a different condition for the player to perform, and they are not easy to complete. Players only need to make the blocks of the game explode as required by the game to finish the game. Players will be limited in their turn, and can only complete the game when the required number of turns is reached. If the number of turns exceeds, the game will end, and the player will lose. So before the player starts, know what to do to avoid wasting turns. When players complete the game without using the entire turn, they will become items to support the player. So the more you have left, the higher the score the player gets.


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