Game My City: Jail House

Game My City: Jail House
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.0.3
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Update December 24, 2020 (3 months ago)

A city that would definitely have people doing bad things. These people will be imprisoned by police so they cannot continue to harm society. My Town Games Ltd created a simulation world with the purpose of introducing children to the world around them, as well as My City: Jail House. This is a light game to bring the first knowledge of jails, however, everything is presented with a much softer theme.

Familiar role-playing gameplay the kind of children often do

For children, they love to play this role-playing game. For them, being righteous heroes is always a wonderful experience. Therefore, “My City: Jail House” allows them to satisfy their passion. First, this game allows players to play a warden so they can keep prisoners locked up in their cells. Thanks to that, players get the first glimpse of this place.

As a guard of this place, you will be allowed a lot of contact with the offenders. Try to use your affection to make these bad people good people, good for society. However, for these bad guys, players must be careful, prevent them from escaping from prison and harm. In addition, you can also participate in fascinating puzzle games to receive worthy rewards, unlock doors, visit many places. In general, although taking this theme, “My City: Jail House” does not bring any heavy experience at all.

Many places to visit, experience and have fun

As I said, the people in prison are not really bad guys so you can take care of them gently. If you treat them in a friendly way, these people will probably become good people one day. My City: Jail House will provide lots of places for you to go and have fun. First, you can go to the Jail Area to see all the activities and residences of the prisoners. Here you will see how the prison operates so that everything can be solved smoothly. Then, those people will be led to the yard to do collective activities such as exercise, basketball, and community service. And of course, such a development prison also needs a huge Dining Hall to serve the needs of all prisoners. In addition, this place also offers many unique services such as Helipad and so much more. You need to join in and unlock places like these to make your prison the most attractive place in the world.

In addition to the places shown on the map, My City: Jail House has lots of interactive objects. They will be scattered somewhere around the map and you will show your curiosity by touching everything you think can be touched. They will give you discoverable surprises, such as hidden locations and escape rooms.

The content is hidden to surprise

The game does not follow a clear roadmap but a certain focus on creating a surprise for players. That means the content you discover will be hidden somewhere around the map. As mentioned above, when you touch everything, you will find some rooms or mysterious areas. So how to open these areas? You will have to win some puzzles to find the key to the gate. In addition, if you are lucky, you can unlock other interesting content of the game that no one has ever been able to set foot.

The game has many roles for you to play

The biggest attraction of this game is that you can play many roles. First, you will become a prison guard with the task of keeping prisoners. However, that is not all when you can become police officers to catch bad guys. These adventures are always shown through easy-to-play easy-to-play puzzle games. In case you want to experience the feeling of being a prisoner, My City: Jail House is also satisfying. You will be in your own prison with the extremely advanced facilities you have equipped for it. In this game, there are a total of more than 20 different characters to choose from. Really this is a huge number for a game for children like this. With diverse and attractive content, adults can also participate in this game to play with their children. It was truly an experience of increasing family affection.


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