Game Naruto OL – New Generation (by Tencent)

Game Naruto OL – New Generation (by Tencent)
Publisher Tencent
Genre RPG
Size 1GB
Latest Version 1.3.18
OS Android Games

Naruto OL Mobile – Surely you can guess who is the main character in this game with some of the following description. A boy carrying the power of the Kurama-the Nine Tail Fox, Ninja, and Chakra-the energy force. Naruto is one of the greatest Manga-Anime iconic symbols in the world. This. Not to mention the official products are comics and movies, there are also many entertainment products eat this content. The game is one of the most popular aspects that people care about. Publishers are always wise in marketing their new products and Tencent is one of the most powerful game brands in the world.

Naruto OL – Ninja New Generation is the official high-definition RPG game. The product was launched around the world by Tencent himself and quickly gained favors from both sides, Naruto fans and Tencent fans. After only a few days of release, it was ranked # 1 in AppStore’s weekly RPG category. This proves the hot level of the game in the coming time. The legacy of The Fire Village, the will of fire still burns in the heart of the land children. The fate continues to rise again, those friends continue to fight together and songs about friendship, love, hope will continue to sing out loud.

With the specific characteristics of a role-playing game, you will be able to choose your power based on 5 natural elements. Five wind villages, thunder, water, earth, and fire are the main forces in this world to bring players to immerse themselves in what they like. Emotions and moments, as well as adventures, are taken from the original version of the story. So players will have a beautiful and attractive experience with it, reminiscent of the glorious moments of the past. Naruto OL-Ninja New Generation is quite a large capacity so you must prepare yourself a powerful device can be a perfect experience.

Players will be playing familiar characters such as Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and many of their friends. What people notice in this story are the complex and diverse skills that the author has devised and integrated into the content. Natural elements make it possible to create many types of combos by combining basic skills. However, all of them are taken from the original manga. The battles in the game are Fair Competition and the tactical factor. Throughout the series, many characters show their own power. If you know how to combine them together and create a strong team, it will be easy to overcome the challenges. The basic gameplay modes such as Boss Combat and PvP Combat are integrated so you can quickly improve your fighting skills.

Currently, the game has only the Chinese version produced by Namco Bandai and released by Tencent. In the future, Tencent may release English versions for the global market.

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