Game Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight

Game Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight
Publisher Tencent
Genre RPG
Size 2GB
Latest Version Coming soon
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Referring to Ragnarok, maybe people will think immediately of the apocalyptic war Norse mythology, It takes place after the death of the luminous god: Balder, the second son of Odin and Frigg. Things are almost completely destroyed in this battle, causing the gods and giant monsters to be destroyed completely. With Norse mythology, Ragnarok is fierce, but for Tencent Games developers, they have a new definition of Ragnarok in Ragnarok M: Love At First Sight. This game is a mobile version, developed from the Ragnarok Online (RO) PC game from 2003. With improvements in features, as well as sharp graphics, you can not ignore the super This product is not!

The game will make you “Love At First Sight”

As the title of the game, “Ragnarok M: Love At First Sight” takes place in a dreamland where brave heroes are living. But there are many inadequacies that many people live independently, so they always want to find a love for their own. When you join the game, you can transform into a favorite character and start the journey to explore the land here, and find your love. But it is not easy, it has many difficulties that you will encounter, before seeing your true love. “Ragnarok M: Love At First Sight” is a true MMORPG.

You will be provided with a full range of features such as sequences, equipment, combat skills, mounts, upgrades, and items. But first, you have to create a character to integrate into the social network in the game. You will be creating your own character, then choose one of the following classes: Swordsman, Acolyte, Magician, Thief, Merchant, and Archer. Each character in the different classes has unique characteristics, fighting styles, as well as attributes attached to the character.

Next, you need to collect the equipment through the quest or reward the winner. Equipment is the essential thing that characters have to have. Not only does the character look better, but it also enhances the character’s strength. Besides, you also need to focus on learning new skills and upgrades to enhance your damage when fighting. In terms of playing mechanics, PvP is the main mode and each match can be up to 20 players per team. With so many people, you can enliven your strength and tactics with your teammates to win.


It can be said, “Ragnarok M: Love At First Sight” is a game not to be missed with the believers favorite MMORPG genre. Not only unique features, but the graphical background is also designed meticulously, giving players a new world to experience the power. Developers also skillfully handle the effects and movement of the physics smoothly, creating fierce battles between players. Moreover, the system of day and night changing weather is also constantly changing, bringing the most genuine feeling. Tencent Games is a reliable publisher and you can stick with it for a long time. Download this game and support Tencent Games!

The game has yet to be officially released. You can download the closed beta version (if available) below. If you’re not lucky enough, you can try GRAVITY’s other Ragnarok game experience: Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

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