Game Night Terrors: Bloody Mary

Game Night Terrors: Bloody Mary
Publisher Imprezario Entertainment
Genre Adventure
Size 3.3 GB
Latest Version Coming soon
Update November 13, 2018 (2 years ago)

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary – For every Halloween occasion, there are opportunities for people to express their individuality through horrible costumes. And of course, this is also the opportunity for publishers to release the horror of this Halloween. People tend to work on the trend, games that match every special occasion will be given priority when it comes to the incident. Impressive, recently, Impresario Entertainment has officially released Night Terrors: Bloody Mary to the player. Horrifying Halloween style along with adventure genre, exploration really makes this game create a great attraction to gamers when the festival is coming closer. And it’s also Impresario’s first product, so it’s definitely Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is going to be invested a lot, perhaps soon to excel in the mobile gaming market.


From the stupidity of the legendary lovers of Mary, they have done rituals passed down to summon her. You are a victim now. The night where you are sinking is where Bloody Mary appears. No lights, no help, you have to be self-sufficient to keep this alive. Suddenly you get a phone call from someone unknown, the details you hear is the ultimatum of Mary. Once you receive the call, start the horror adventure right in your home. With AR’s ability to support the game, use your camera to shine around. But before that, your house had to turn off the power and wear headphones – quite like the details of a horror movie right? Then call on Bloody Mary three times, and…save yourself by all means. Your house has been haunted by ghosts. Soon, Mary will come and finish this fateful game with you.


The AR details displayed on your screen are quite detailed, the use of AR capability makes the experience more real. The sound is exceptionally dark, ghostly, scary making the surrounding environment is no different than a haunted house. By camera effects, your home is not comfortable at all. The dark angle of the camera and the “noise” can really make you shiver. Considering the genre and ideas of Night Terrors: Bloody Mary, this type of graphics is very well suited to support the direction of the game.


Halloween is coming and, careful not to be Night Terrors: Bloody Mary to play scared scare jog. If you like the curiosity of strange or strong feelings, Night Terrors: Bloody Mary will be a worthy candidate for this season. Let your friends “shudder” together.

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