Game Nimian Legends: Vandgels

Game Nimian Legends: Vandgels
Publisher Protopop Games
Genre RPG
Size 38M
Latest Version 1.0
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Update September 30, 2019 (1 year ago)

There is ever work, and events are happening around your life that makes you feel bound in one Cramped space and take away your energy until you’re exhausted? At that time, you always desire, to escape somewhere far away, where there are no emails from work, complex data reports and give you open space for you to explore and relax. Nimian Legends: Vandgels – the following open-world game will provide you with an exciting journey, where you can freely explore the mysteries of a strange world and temporarily forget the troubles. Are you ready to experience it?


Nimian Legends: Vandgels is the continuation of the story of Nimian Legends: BrightRidge. The scene took place at the ancient Vandgels temple, located in the middle of the old city of Tiviscus, which is surrounded by majestic mountains and dense forests. Nepto Suvika – the main character of the game has traveled here, and he is tasked with discovering the mysteries that take place in this religious country. Legend has it that, thousands of years ago, the gods had hidden precious jewels around the temple of Vandgels. Nepto Suvika must find these gems before they fall into the wrong hands of evils. However, the Nepto Suvika can collect these gems when there are thousands of dangerous creatures lurking around?

The sequel to BrightRidge

When you join Nimian Legends: Vandgels, you will be cast as Nepto Suvika and take on the quest to find precious jewels in ancient temples, which grow around the mountains of Tiviscus city. Initially, you will be taken to the foot of the top and meet NPC RiverShard. He will provide you with the necessary information about the context and tasks and the dangers you are about to face. You are equipped with only one sword along with some basic combat skills to protect yourself throughout the journey. As you go deeper into the plot, the dangers also become more. You will have to fight the warriors to take the jewels, or even monsters and giant dragons everywhere. However, every time you get the gems, you will be given new spells and combat skills. All of them will help the character gain more power.

In addition to Mode Story, you can play in other modes like Explore Mode and Photo Mode. In Explore Mode, you won’t encounter any danger or enemies. This mode is just for you to travel around the ancient city of Tiviscus and discover new things. The system also allows you to turn into animals such as foxes, deer, newspapers, or even dragons to fly all over the sky, enjoying the vast and airy space. In Photo Mode, you can save the beautiful moments and landscapes that the game offers. From there, you can share with your friends, or on your social networking site.


Nimian Legends: Vandgels will immerse you in sharp and vivid 3D graphics. The game was built with a vast, spacious natural scenery, highlighted by the forests and majestic mountains. It can be said, Nimian Legends: Vandgels is an excellent open-world game, carefully crafted from gameplay to graphics. The game not only has a meticulously sculpted natural scenery, but the publisher also includes effects of light, sunshine, wind, weather, and day/night effects, to give gamers effective signs and the most realistic application.


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