Game PaladinZ: Champions of Might

Game PaladinZ: Champions of Might
Publisher Spartonix
Genre Strategy
Size 24M
Latest Version 0.83
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Update September 6, 2018 (3 years ago)

Medieval is one of the endless inspirations for all the artists in the world. These are the years in which darkness, ignorance, and war have fallen. At that time, the people living in hardship and no one to help them at all. The nobles lived happily, full of people and slaves, even at that time handed down stories of monsters. Emerging in the Chaotic World These are the knights. They work well, help those who fall into difficulties, even later it becomes a title used to honor the merits of the country.

Moreover, the best of the knights are called paladins. They are very talented and are equally intelligent. However, the games refer to these people are small. PaladinZ: Champions of Might contributed a share of his energy, honoring the Paladin.

Spartanix is well known for its simple graphics and gameplay, and it is not complicated at all. Conversely, the fun makes the player even more popular and even become a fan of the company. In most of their games, little jokes have never been played, but they bring real laughter to the players. First, if you want to summon a mighty army along with the service of the most talented Paladins, you must have a strong castle. With the early works, you only have the basic hero. Now, try to perform the first task that the game offers to be able to earn small amounts. They build up over time and upgrade their own medieval castle.

The exciting thing is that you do not have to fight with any force on the map. They find themselves and manage every way to sabotage your castle. Now summon your most potent knights to battle. The variety in the game is also demonstrated by preparing a variety of characters for you to choose. Summon special abilities. These skills can deal massive damage or create powerful effects that will keep your troops fighting Long. There are even such strong characters that one skill can turn a whole game into a battle. Besides, there are powers like Spearmen, Archers, Witches, Griffons and more always ready to serve you. Focus on upgrading your strength and diversifying your squad’s damage by adding a variety of characters in a battle to your opponent.

A fun 2D graphic with simple characters will not give you a headache when playing PaladinZ: Champions of Might many hours of the day. Besides, the fun music is also an interesting detail that makes many players feel good.

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