Game Vikings: The Saga

Game Vikings: The Saga
Publisher Neoskizzle
Genre Strategy
Size 90MB
Latest Version 1.0.28
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Update September 6, 2018 (3 years ago)

To talk about the most adventurous warriors in this world must be mentioned Vikings. They are from the Cold War North, along with horrible legends that are monsters, pirates and well known for Thor and Odin. These heroes floated on the sea, living a precarious life, so fighting was their favorite thing in all their lives. The Vikings must resist many things, but throughout history and even in their own myths, they have never been against zombies.

Vikings: The Saga is a creative new way that no one can imagine. Often games designed based on North American mythology will revolve around familiar villains like Loki or Hela. However, this time, he will direct these fighters to fight the Dead. Surely this idea will bring new battles, and no less attractive. Vikings: The Saga The classic game of the Saga, it is even associated with the card game style. You will not see a game with a bit of advertising or with RPG elements. Because it is so attractive, it does not need to be too ostentatious.

When participating in the first battle, you will be allowed to summon the basic Vikings. It does not show that they are weak, but these early characters have little special abilities. As the battles become more complex and varied, the characters with more abilities with the ability to turn the game are more likely to be loved. However, if you still like to use your favorite Vikings, they can upgrade their strength. In the game’s store, there will be a full range of weapons and equipment to help the characters become stronger catch up with the game.

Bosses are also built in a variety of ways, based on the myths of the North, where monsters like Trolls, Wolves, even Gods are in the game to challenge the player. However, those powerful creatures only appear after you have overcome the smaller monsters and weaker than the roadblocks. More and more, the more powerful they are, the more aggressive the attack, and the more enduring. Therefore, you have to coordinate your skills effectively to be able to defeat them.

Graphics of Vikings: The Saga Looks MOD pretty attractive to players who need entertainment in a short time. Because it is not based on the most advanced technology but merely the 2D images, cute animation. The Vikings are minimalist design in battle, walking on zigzag paths to fight monsters. Perhaps that is enough for a goalkeeper game with exciting gameplay and novelty stories like that. The Saga Unreleased_v1.0.28.apk

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