Game PC Creator – PC Building Simulator

Game PC Creator – PC Building Simulator
Publisher UltraAndre
Genre Simulation
Size 101M
Latest Version 1.1.07
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update March 12, 2021 (1 day ago)

In the past, the way people worked was to work directly or through papers and letters to exchange. But now that is no longer true because those things are too old to keep up with the pace of human development. With the development of modern technology, the way people work has changed a lot to bring new utilities. One of the indispensable tools for most of the work that currently exists is a computer to serve the work. From a computer the size of a room, it was only possible to perform simple calculations.

Now it becomes much smaller and more powerful with millions of calculations at the same time to serve many purposes. So have you ever wondered how a computer is created? Many different components can combine and form a complete computer. So if you wonder how such a smart device is born, the game PC Creator – PC Building Simulator will answer that question. Not only people who do not know anything about PC but also PC lovers will love this game.

PC building emulator

This game belongs to the simulation genre, and when reading the title of the game, the player must have guessed what it is simulating, which is the process of building a PC. When players come to the game, you will experience the feeling of creating your PC. This game will simulate the entire process and components that are needed for a PC to function. The first thing a player needs to be able to work is Chip, which is the brain of the PC and the place that processes all the information.

Next, for the Chip to work, the player needs to have Main with the same chipset to add the Chip to the Main. If the Chip is the brain of the PC, then Main is the skeleton of the entire system, because this is where everything is attached. Apart is also indispensable that is VGA – Video Graphics Card for displaying images. The thing to keep the entire system operating is the PSU – Power Supply Unit is the thing that will provide the energy for the whole system to function. There are also some other things such as RAM, HDD, SSD for players to choose and use. Once you have all of those things, the player can create what you need.

Satisfied customer requirements

Although it is a simulation game, players still need to do tasks to earn a lot of money. The player will play the role of the boss of a store and will have many customers coming to request the player. Players will be free to create the PC configurations they like, but they must match the requirements of the customer and the rest of the system. Customers will have specific requirements about the job as well as the configuration they want, so let’s base it on that to make. For example, a customer wants 20Gb of RAM; the player needs to comply with that requirement to receive money. If the customer is not satisfied with the equipment that the player gives them, the player will not receive money. In the game, the player will encounter two requirements that are upgrading and crafting, and both of which give players a lot of money.

Installing the operating system

A device cannot function if it only has hardware, so you need an operating system to control it all. Three main operating systems are Windows, OS, and Linux for players to choose from for the device. Each has different characteristics and modes of action that players can use. Depending on the request of the customer, the player can make a choice suitable for that. If the customer does not have any special requirements, players can freely choose what they like.

Choosing the case for the device

All the components of the system will be placed in one case to preserve and keep the devices clean. There will be a lot of dirt during use, so cases are a must to preserve components. There are many different cases for players to use, and they will have different looks. Besides the use to preserve the equipment, this is also what is used to decorate the player’s PC, so choose carefully.


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