Game Prison Royale

Game Prison Royale
Publisher Projects-X
Genre Action
Size 60M
Latest Version 0.2.1
MOD Info Unlock All Characters
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Update October 19, 2020 (5 months ago)

Battle Royale titles are no stranger to many people; in fact, many such titles have been released in recent years. But most of them have one thing in common is to become the last person alive to win. So do you want to experience something new? If so, the game Prison Royale is something that players should try to enjoy something very new.

Battles to find successful people to escape

Although in this game, what the player needs to do is kill all opponents to be a survivor. But you do that not because to become a winner. The player must destroy all others to become an escape from the prison holding the player. Because when coming to this game, the player is not an ordinary warrior, but a prisoner reduced to keep in jail with many others. The player’s task is to destroy all his enemies, including other prisoners and the guard, to escape. In this game, everyone is an enemy of each other, including the other prisoners, they will not cooperate with the player to win but will destroy the player. So attack anyone that the player meets and destroy the walls to succeed in becoming an escape.

Prison Royale (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Search for weapons to fight

Like the Battle Royale games, this game will not provide weapons for players to fight. Players will have to search for the weapons that the game scattered across the map, that is what you need for the fight. There are many different weapons to choose from, from assault rifles to sniper rifles. Even if the player does not want to use guns, the game also has a lot of melee weapons for players to use. Not only weapons, but the game also has a lot of other equipment such as armor, helmets to protect players.

Prison Royale (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Destroy everything to escape

The walls are what will prevent the player from escaping, so if you want to succeed, the picture needs to be destroyed. Players can use the weapons they find to destroy the wall that prevents players from the outside world.

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