Game Raskulls Online

Game Raskulls Online
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 94M
Latest Version 1.0.32
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Diamond
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Update December 19, 2019 (1 year ago)

If you’ve ever heard of Raskulls, you probably will not be able to forget the passing game that is considered part of this exploration. And following the launch of Raskulls earlier, the producer of Fruit Ninja – a game that has fooled the world of mobile gamers for many years – has launched a more advanced version, it’s Raskulls Online. Still an online game like the previous brothers. Still the participation of the bad members of the Raskulls. Raskulls Online Beta is sure to bring you great moments of fun and excitement that will make you feel familiar and at the same time will make you say “Ah, great!”

The game was released by Halfbrick Studios. That’s right; you did not hear that wrong. Halfbrick Studios has developed this game for a long time. However, the new game is officially released for Android and iOS in early 2018. If you are interested, you can take the time to experience some of their other popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Dan the Man: Action Platformer, Colossatron, Monster Dash, Fish Out Of Water !, Radical Rappelling, Band Stars … Great, their games have a massive amount of downloads. We can all hope that Raskulls Online will make a big hit this year.

New defensive game

When you start Raskulls Online, you will see a chess board with little characters with names like Raskulls’ Kings – Dragon, Duck, Koala, Devil or Witch Doctor, etc. All of these characters have appeared. In the earlier Raskulls, it was possible to call simply this the return of the Raskulls’ King of the Regulus. In return, they will ask for help from you – the player. The main task is to protect the kingdom by the tiny defences in the map squares and maintain the existence of the fortress defence of the Kingdom. That fortress is called bones-shake crazy shake.

Simple, engaging gameplay

Raskulls Online is extremely simple. Move your character through the Raskulls chessboard. Along the way, you must destroy the maze bricks along the way, so they do not block your progress. At the same time, try to collect all the wacky characters you encounter on the way to fortify the army guarding the kingdom. Also, notice the sparkling stones, it is the item used to exchange weapons and make transactions to build the base combat. One more thing, remember, the road is not peaceful at all, there are opponents in the road that go on, you have to handle them quickly. All you have to do is to protect the Kingdom by building and attacking the destructive forces.

Overcome all the challenges and win the glory!

Other function

  • Join the Raskull kingdom with friends around the world. More specifically, players will fight in real-time, the reward that the winner receives will be extremely attractive.
  • Collect items and characters for Raskulls, then you can easily customize your character in a new separate style.
  • Build the battlefield, expand and conquer itself.
  • Destroys your opponent’s base with weapons and armour available
  • Walk full of confidence and fight to the end, all for the safety of the Kingdom.

Graphics, sound

If you have ever tried Bome it is trendy; when you come to Raskulls Online, you will find close. Sizzling, funny and flashy graphics will appeal to lovers of colour diversity. Anyhow, to mark the graphics and sound, I will tell myself for the game of HalfBrick 8/10.

Sum up

The disappointment of the Android gaming community is that Raskulls Online is now available for iOS/Android. Sooner or later, the Android version will be rolling out and entertaining all Raskulls lovers before or simply love the genre of this lovely game. Raskulls Online and explore the Raskulls world full of fun and challenging trials!

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