Game ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion

Game ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion
Publisher HandMade Game
Genre Logic
Size 80MB
Latest Version 1.219
MOD Info Unlimited Hints/Unlocked
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Update February 1, 2021 (1 month ago)

Compared to action games, puzzle games are not required by players with skills or reflexes but emphasize the ability to think and create to find answers to puzzles. High logic. Previously, puzzle games were merely tools to kill time on mobile. But thanks to the strong support from the players, the genre of development is growing and now it has become popular. Besides the simple puzzle games like “2048” or Candy Crush Saga, other games are also built in the plot for players to explore and have more unique experiences. ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion is a reference to what I said above. This puzzle game is inspired by flat picture puzzle games. It is built with a compelling storyline and contains many mysteries for players to explore. Therefore, if you are a lover of puzzle games and decoding the mysteries of storyline, ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion is a great choice.


ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion has content revolving around little Anne. Anne’s mother is a novelist. She often told stories to Anne at bedtime, and then worked until late at night. One night, Anne waited for her mother but she did not appear. Anne went to her mother’s study and found she was not here. Anne saw a book glowing on the table, she approached and found out what was going on. Suddenly, Anne was taken to a dark mansion by the book, and the only thing she had was an oil lamp. Anne noticed that there were abnormalities here, she tried to find a way to escape this mansion but it was really a difficult thing without your help. Were the mansion and the book that brought her here related to Anne’s mother’s disappearance? Please help Anne!


In this game, you will spend most of your time trying to connect stairs to find your way and find puzzle pieces to escape from this horrifying mansion. In the process of moving and exploring areas of the mansion, you will encounter difficulties such as pitfalls, scary creatures, and dead ends, making you unable to move. You must use your thinking ability to find the pieces, and take advantage of the items inside the rooms. At first, when you first joined the game, the puzzles were quite simple and because there were quite a few factors. However, when you pass many puzzles and go to higher levels, the puzzles are no longer simple. Other scenarios in the story will be opened and many other factors are included and make it more complicated. Besides, you can also meet monsters and bombs. If you can’t escape them then Anne will be in danger and you’ll have to start the game again. Currently, the game has 144 levels for you to explore. There are 96 levels in the storyline and 48 advanced levels for you to experience. Will Anne’s fate end well or could she not return to reality with her mother? It completely depends on you.

ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion not only has an interesting story and gameplay, but the graphics are also excellent. The images are designed on a 2D graphics platform and styled like in fairy tales. The game’s design team chose the right colors to create a scene that contained the dangers and murkiness in the night, like in a horror story. Besides, the game also has strange sounds, emanating from the dark places in the house, giving the feeling quite scary.


With the perfect gameplay and graphics experience, ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion has attracted more than 400 million players worldwide. As of 2014 and 201, the game won the IGF award and received the title of an excellent game of the year. If you’ve ever experienced this game, you won’t feel skeptical about the achievements it has achieved.

In the latest version released by the publisher, the game has allowed you to download this game in the cloud. In addition, the graphics quality is improved thanks to UI artistic polishing, reducing vibration and correcting some minor errors. In the future, new versions will continuously be updated and optimize some features for players to have the best experience.

MOD Info?


  • Unlock all levels


  • Unlimited hints


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