Game RPG Onigo Hunter
Publisher KEMCO
Genre RPG
Size 97M
Latest Version 1.1.0g
MOD Info /Premium
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Update October 12, 2019 (1 year ago)

Adventure to unknown lands is always something that attracts a lot of attention from many people. But when you were born, people discovered all parts of the world, and now there are very few places to explore. If so, then why not come to the game “RPG Onigo Hunter”, this is the game of the genre RPG is a lot popular. It is produced by KEMCO, a Japanese game-maker specializing in RPGs that are incredibly unique. They have had many famous games and attracted a large number of players like RPG Dragon Sinker, RPG Machine Knight… This game is not an exception, come to the game, you will Get adventure to unknown lands, explore dangers, and more. All are waiting for you to come and explore, so what are you waiting without downloading RPG Onigo Hunter to get an exciting but not dangerous adventure move.


In the game, you will be turned into a young Hunter guy named Fain with the dream of exploring the world out there. He was sent to a new world to seek new energy and return to serve his world. But one thing he could not expect was that he was betrayed by his own world, they abandoned him here and locked the gate between the two worlds. Now he is trapped in an unfamiliar world, and this is a rudimentary land that has not developed as his world. The special thing in this world is that they have the magic to fight against monsters. There is a place called the Guild, this is the place where people in this land come and take out quests. Those who accept these missions and go to strange lands to fight monsters, they are called Hunter. Because he was abandoned by his own world, he decided to become a Hunter to explore and live in this strange world.


The game has straightforward and not too tricky gameplay, thanks to the help from the instructions in the game, you will get acquainted very quickly with the game’s gameplay. Players will receive quests in the Guild, to perform these quests, players will adventure to new lands. There will be many areas for players to explore but unlocked only when the player meets the game requirements. To control the character moves, the player will use the navigation key located on the left corner of the screen. The fighting mechanism of the game is developed in a turn-based style, and the two sides will take turns to attack each other until one of the two squaddies. At this point, the player’s task is to choose the time to develop the skill.


There will be more game modes that are Easy and Tough and both modes will not differ too much. But in “Tough” mode, the monsters will be stronger, the amount of blood and their damage will be higher than in the Easy mode.



You will not have to make this adventure Alone, but there will be other friends willing to go with you to accompany you through the challenges of the game. First will be Aulin, this is a female warrior he met on his journey, she has a strong personality, passionate about fighting. Next is a female magician named Bell, this is a girl with a kind heart and always cares about people around him. With her magical power, she can both fight and recover HP for her allies.


You will have a lot of skills to cater to fighting. Every time you level up, there will be many skills that are unlocked, and you have to upgrade them by the skill points received when leveling up. Although there are many skills for you to upgrade, you are only allowed to pick out eight skills only.


Equipment in the game are also very diverse, players can choose a lot of different weapons to use for their warriors. Besides, players can also upgrade their equipment so they become stronger in battle.

Graphics & Sound

Graphics of RPG Onigo Hunter in 2D Pixel format. This style of classic graphics is common in titles of the last century. Thanks to this graphic style, the game has attracted a large number of players around the globe. The game’s effects are also greatly influenced by the graphic style. Typically as the Skills effect, the effects when a character develops his skills are made very smoothly and vividly. The sound in the game is also integrated very well when the fighting character, the player will hear that feeling in the game.

Come to RPG Onigo Hunter for exciting adventures.