Game Seven Knights 2

Game Seven Knights 2
Publisher Netmarble
Genre RPG
Size 2GB
Latest Version Coming soon
Update November 21, 2018 (2 years ago)

As we all know, Netmarble has long been regarded as Korea’s biggest publisher of games with aggressive blockbusters, and it is certain that Seven Knights 2 is also without exception. Developed with the latest Unreal Engine 4 technology, the game promises to deliver a great mobile experience. The background story about the second part of this game will take place 30 years after the event of the first part.

If you love open-world role-playing games, Seven Knights 2 is the best choice for you. In addition, because of the graphical development with the latest technology Unreal Engine 4, the game Seven Knights 2 brings a very real feeling when playing the character in the game. And so the visual effects in the game will be extremely sharp and detailed from the scene, fire effects when fighting, … to facial expressions of the characters are also not lose about quality if compare with other great games on the PC platform.

About the plot, Seven Knights 2 takes place 30 years after the events of the first episode. At this time, the world is in a state of chaos due to the long battle of Knights and Lords. The earth becomes dark and full of death. You will be playing as one of the best knights and your task is to find a way to save the world from these dangers. With this big change in gameplay, players will focus on developing their own character instead of the whole team

Currently, Seven Knights 2 only introduces two main classes that will appear throughout the game: Eileen and Rudy. These are two classes of characters from the previous version, but in the second version, there will be some modifications of the power. In there, Eileen is a warrior with the ability to use spears and dagger at the same time, but this character also has a similar power like the god that is controlling the lightning. Next, the character Rudy is no less a side when proved to be a strong, resistant tanker is always cover up for his teammates when they are in danger. The difference is that we will be tracking the evolution of these two classes.

In terms of graphics, as mentioned above, the Seven Knights 2 brings with it the latest in technology, so that its image will be as beautiful as the awesomeness on the computer today. Everything in the game is designed with 3D technology Unreal Engine 4. Players will have the smallest, most beautiful and shimmery experience right on their small phone.

If you are an RPG, adventure, self-control character exploring all that is in the game, the Seven Knights 2 is an option not to be missed. Readers can learn more and experience the game with the official links below provided by the publisher.

Seven Knights 2 was introduced at G-Star 2018 and will be released in the near future.



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