Game Shurado

Game Shurado
Publisher GANBARION Co., Ltd
Genre RPG
Size 550M
Latest Version 1.2.3
Get it On Google Play
Update August 20, 2020 (7 months ago)

Shurado promises to be the most immersive role-playing game on mobile. My sword !! My soul !!!! Fight, fight, fight !!!! Until you are exhausted, your body reaches the throne of Shurado. We will become the immortal and terrible power of the gods. My soldiers, earthly men! Hell has opened its gate. Pick up the phone and come with me, fighting to the last breath on the way across the fallen hell. You will also receive the gift of the sole war. Heady.

A spirit warrior emerges from the ground, climbing the steps of hell to Shurado. However, that road is not easy but on the contrary tough hardships. There are many challenging obstacles always trying to stop your footsteps; these immortal armoured guards do not want the gamers to pass where they keep. They can only be defeated, cannot be killed. Beware because your opponents do not have human affection, they have no fighting emotions. These are the fire spirits that are reigned in the heavy armour of hell, wearing enormous weapons with strange, unpredictable attacks.

But you are no less a competitor at all. You bring in the power of the mythical blue fire, the flame of strong rebirth. Also, you also own the weapons carry weapons such as Sword of Grudges, Warrior’s Blade, Fox Blade, Ax of Vows,… and hundreds of other weapons. First, try to choose a weapon that fits your fighting style and practice it with a lot of it. Second, the battles in the future will be more intense than you should equip yourself with more powerful weapons to have the opportunity to beat opponents more easily. The game has a cool graphic design so you will enjoy top battles and brainstorms to use the most feasible tactics. Quay on the right half of the screen to attack. Tap vào trái trái với màn hình. There are two virtual control buttons on the screen that you can combine combos into one of the best possible combos because if the enemy has a space to counter, you can lose but cannot make another payback attack. After winning, you can collect spiritual fragments to strengthen weapons and open weapons by opening chests.

Shurado includes an extremely advanced graphics system combined with beautiful soundtracks that will keep you fascinated. Believe me; you will not waste your time and money when deciding to experience this game. The game takes place as a Hollywood-themed, multi-million dollar movie with incredibly sharp 3D graphics. If you have looked through Avatar 3D blockbuster, then this game does not match that blockbuster. Moreover, you are also the protagonist. The sound of the game is also worth a look. Whenever you blow, the sharpening of the touch each other sounds endless. The reverberation of the echoes is also raised when you defeat a difficult opponent.

If your Android device has a strong configuration from version 6.0 or above, it may be compatible with this game. This is the only requirement for those who want to follow the mighty soldier who climbs the ladder towards Shurado. In-game purchases will range from $ 1.06 to $ 26.55. If possible try to buy investments to support the game producer you.


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