Game Soul Warrior

Game Soul Warrior
Publisher Tencent
Genre Fighting
Size 700MB
Latest Version Beta
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Update December 8, 2018 (2 years ago)

Soul Warrior – Tencent is the most talked about the title in the gaming industry. Because they almost own all of the most popular online games in recent times. Besides, the publisher stretches its product offerings on a variety of platforms such as consoles and PCs, and recently the mobile gaming market is also gaining a lot of attention. Games called Tencent are becoming more and more popular and distributed evenly across many genres. They do this because they work together with other gaming studios. Chengdu Yuxiang is one of the companions trusted by Tencent in the Chinese market. Recently, the two have teamed up to launch an action blockbuster that everyone feels glamorous. Ultra-high-quality HD 3D character is also one of the things that make it so much more attractive.

Fighting souls are not extinguished

With this product, Chengdu Yuxiang has done its best to restore the traditional values of a proper action game. If we still can not imagine what happens in the game then keep watching. Players who have experienced Bloody Road, Street Fighter or most recently Injustice or Shadow Fight 3 will understand the way that a classic arcade action game attracts players.

Everything that you need to focus on and focus on is your fighting skills, not any other doping element. You do not need to consider who you are fighting with, what they are equipped and will have to coordinate with any teammate at all. As long as you practice enough and each combo you release is seamless; you can make an epic battle.

Fight with friend and thousands other players

In addition, they are trying to create the familiar feel of a console game released about a decade ago. You can feel it immediately when you log in to the game. Players will see usual greetings challenge the opponent before entering a real battle. Then, the player will be in control of his character freely. That means that everything is free and complex created. Because there is not any button available that shows a particular skill, you will have to combine the four-way analog stick with the two punches and rocks on the right.

The moves will be unlocked and displayed in your own system. Do not forget the characteristics of this style game, when you have enough energy and use the correct combination of keys can perform an Ultimate Skills with great damage. At that time, your character will perform an automatic attack; everything is around you. Besides, a private practice room will be opened for players to show off their skills and make them seamlessly alone, before bringing them into battle with a real opponent.

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