Game Spill It!

Game Spill It!
Publisher tastypill
Genre Logic
Size 32M
Latest Version 1.3
MOD Info VIP/coins
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Update November 16, 2018 (2 years ago)

Spill It! – The puzzle is currently the most popular game genre. It can be said that the game is like Sodoku, Unblock me or Happy Glass. With the soft play, no noise, violence and kill scenes like action genres. The puzzle is suitable for all ages, from the elderly to the young, or office workers. You can open the phone, launch games in your free time to train your brain, and give yourself moments of meaningful entertainment. In addition to the above titles, Today, I would like to introduce you to another puzzle game called Spill It! If you are a fan of puzzle games, you can not miss this game.

Drop balls and break glasses

Spill It! Have fun playing, possessing the same play mechanism in Angry Birds game. But instead of using the birds to shoot at the evil pigs, in this game you will use the balls, drop them to break the glasses. Spill It! There are many levels for you to conquer. Initially, the challenges are quite simple, even there are instructions to help you get familiar with the game. But when the level is higher, the difficulty is raised. The cups are placed in different positions, with more obstructions, making it difficult for you to destroy them. At each level of the game, you are given 3 balls of different colors. You need to move them to the appropriate elevated locations, then tap on the screen to fall down.

When you use the less ball to break the glass, the higher you get. Although the mechanism is quite simple, just select the location and drop the ball is complete. But to be able to find the key positions, to break the cup and reach the three golden stars is not easy. Therefore, through this game, you can train your thinking as well as your eyes. If you feel it is too difficult sometimes, you can press the replay button at the top of the screen to restart your gameplay, or use a hint from the game without any good ideas. However, you will lose money, or see ads to use this function.


Although Spill It! is a fairly simple game, but the way they play has attracted millions of downloads since the first release. Besides, the graphics are pretty well, though not as sharp or true as the 3D titles but Spill It! This makes the players feel cozy, in a room with familiar decorations such as pots ornamental plants, night lamps, wall paintings, bookshelves,…They are not only the object of creativity. The game, which if you know to drop the ball in the appropriate position, the object is also indirect to help you break the glass again.


In the spare time, sitting by the window with a cup of coffee with Spill It! What’s better? Not only are you entertained, but you are also training your wisdom with this game. Moreover, the game has a relatively light installation, about 35MB, compatible with many different models. Download this game and start your game now

MOD: Coming soon

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