Game Space Marshals

Game Space Marshals
Publisher Pixelbite
Genre Action
Size 48M
Latest Version 1.3.2
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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Update January 15, 2020 (1 year ago)

Pixelbite is a top-rated game company that has released many classic strategy games such as Reckless Getaway, Xenowerk or Reckless Racing 3. Notably among them are the Space Marshals series – developed on mobile phones, addictive by the tactics and sneaky action. So, Space Marshals have achieved immense success. In this article, we introduce to you chapter 3 of this cult series; this is a part of Pixelbite that has been expanded after a long period of silence.

A Sci-fi Wild West adventure taking place in outer space

The game opens with the image of the battleship Artemis of the Space Marshal force badly damaged by the hijacking attack and the crew members kidnapped on the planet Aurum Petram 55. Fortunately, before the hijackers had to achieve the goal, Agent Burton has escaped and successfully rescued the critical members of Space Marshal. Heading straight into the orbit of Aurum Petram 55, which was once an abandoned mining planet, Burton and his rescued teammates will turn the surface of anyone who is plotting to overthrow the order keepers’ forces of the space.


Similar to a traditional strategy game, Space Marshals puts you in a “top-down” perspective – a concept that is probably quite strange to many players including long-time gamers. But it can be said that this is one of the “ancestors” of the current perspective when most of the old games have used it. In this way, players will be able to observe an entire surface to devise a strategy as well as take reasonable steps to survive through enemy traps. With the virtual keys present on the screen, use the scroll button to find an environmental barrier to your advantage, try to dodge enemy bullets by covering and using the release hold mechanism to pull the trigger to fire your weapons, and always remember, attacking the enemy’s side can lead to greater damage. Unlike the usual shooting games, the main tasks in Pixelbite are divided into many stages that tend to be more covert and wiser action than standing up and sweeping all the bots, because of the number enemies, flexible operation mechanisms can make it difficult for you to kill and survive through the game level.


Besides, under the launch of chapter 3, Space Marshals will feature additional alarms, which can be used as a way to distract attention and at the same time the reverse of if it is not used wisely, the enemy will split and track down whoever did this. And assuming you’re exposed, it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in breathtaking battles, but even if you go head-to-head with enemies. You should make sure you have a stable battle position.


The rest let the weapon handle; you can hold two types of guns in each mission: one weapon with two hands (rifle, shotgun, sniper gun, …) and the other one holding one hand (pistols, throwing axes, melee weapons …). There are also a number of other powerful, immediate fire weapons such as big grenades, stun grenades, items that disperse attention, personal armor, … to create advantages for yourself. Of course, you have to collect money through each game screen to buy these weapons to help. And the most important thing that the game always tries to remind you is to be careful to prepare your moves because victory will come faster for those who have both reasonable tactics and superior skills.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics in Space Marshals can be said to be a great plus for a 3rd-person top-down action game. The game is designed in a new cartoon style mixed between shooting elements of the wild west combined with the scene taking place in outer space. The details of the environment are shaped and bright; the lighting effects are balanced, the colour contrast is relatively high; resulting in a perfect gloss effect, making the whole scene is more realistic than ever.

Sum up

In addition, moving elements such as shooting posture, lowering the focus or running position of the character are also meticulously invested, with no signs of stiffness or robotization. Although not a form of FPS game, but the overall image quality of Space Marshals is impeccable. In addition, the game is also highly appreciated by gamers for the sound experience, the details of gunfire, as well as the sound of the enemy emitted when knocked down, are genuine and vivid.

Not to mention, Pixelbite is also very meticulous in voicing the smaller details such as the sound of the door opening, the alarm bell,… And finally, the most significant contribution to the sneaky battle that makes some of the best dramatic actions. We can say, Space Marshals is one of the few strategy games well invested in terms of visual and sound. If you are a fan of stealth action games and intense battles, this is really the game for you.

MOD Info?

  • Endless ammo
  • All levels are open
  • All items are open


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