Game Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight

Game Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight
Publisher OneSoft
Genre Action
Size 38M
Latest Version 2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Beans
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Update June 8, 2020 (9 months ago)

Dragon Ball has always been one of the most exploited Universes in many different entertainment facilities. It had a series of manga that was supported by many people and then adapted into an Anime, and the game continued to receive the fans’ love for years. Even now, there are still many people who are interested in this topic. It always keeps its fire and brings in revenue for any related product period. Even the author himself, having stopped composing the plot of Seven Dragon Ball for a long time, still came back and continued to do the Dragon Ball Super part. The fact that many later games use images of celebrities like Songoku or Vegeta unofficially is still prevalent.

Easy to play the game and Easy to control.

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight is such a product. It allows the player to control the familiar characters of the popular Dragon Ball series but is redesigned with extremely new images. If you have tried playing some ONESOFT games, it certainly won’t feel strange to Stickman designs. This time the game producer continued to use it for Dragon Ball characters to create this product.

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight is an action game with specialized and robust antagonism, not mixed with any other factors that make it thin. It is like it’s original comic; these characters meet and fight to defend their own ideal of life. And often, Songoku will be the final winner because he is the guardian of the Earth. But in this game, if you choose Songoku character, it is unlikely that you have achieved absolute Victory. Because everyone possesses the same number of skills and achieves a precise balance of strength. So the winner is the one who can make the most of the character’s ability, what is the main character’s Aura (LMAO).

50+ bosses with 100+ skills

The system of characters in the game is extremely diverse and designed with the same image as Stickman. However, don’t think that this type of image design will make your character boring. Because the characters all have their own characteristics on the body, especially in the Dragon Ball Anime series, everything is designed clearly and differently. You will see that each character will have a hairstyle and hair color design that just by looking at it, you know who it is right away.

Moreover, their costumes are also designed to express the character of the character. You can control in Songoku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, … classic characters that are familiar to players and fans, and also new characters that appear in Dragon Ball Super, eg, Beerus, Whis, Black, … Because it is a face-to-face fighting game, it means that there is little interference in leveling up stats but role-playing games, so the character’s stats are also made quite simple. Each character will have special skills and several forms of transformation. During the battle, you can use your 4 special skills and an AA attack. There will also be 2 spells.

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