Game Undead Nation: Last Shelter

Game Undead Nation: Last Shelter
Publisher DoubleUGames
Genre Strategy
Size 60M
Latest Version
MOD Info God mode
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Update June 18, 2020 (9 months ago)

DoubleUGames is known as a major publisher of casinos. However, the company has recently re-released with a strategy game called Undead Nation: Last Shelter. Previously, the game’s titles brought great results. But perhaps with such a potential publisher will not dwell in place from the old success. So Undead Nation: Last Shelter is considered a breakthrough for the company to create a greater reputation. The game deals with the theme of survival and zombies with an exciting plot. This has attracted a lot of gamers to download and play on the launch.

A wide variety of unique and powerful Survivors to recruit and train!

Join “Undead Nation: Last Shelter,” players will need to perform two main tasks: destroy the zombies and build the base. The city where the player explores has been invaded by zombies. With the ability of the business, gamers will control the warriors who attacked abandoned houses. It is a zombie-inhabited area, where players need to destroy them in order to occupy the place. Gamers will have to attack each building with the familiar design of the apartment. Most of the same rooms in this zombie shelter should enter a room should be careful of all. Varied character systems are provided for the player to summon and use.

Each of them has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Players must depend on each situation and terrain match to make the right decision. Gun users have the ability to inflict abnormal damage but do not have high stamina, while melee combatants can support increased damage to their opponents, helping them to attack. Using good defenders and good offensive moves will make it easy to defeat the zombies. Then the supporters behind also shorten the battle time, the victory will come faster.

After destroying the zombies, the player must build a base for the warriors. The standard grounds will include living rooms such as dining rooms, bedrooms, command rooms, etc. However, to do this requires a lot of money in the long run. So, players will have to hoard the property scientifically to be able to upgrade power and build the base simultaneously. Having a stable shelter, gamers can explore other areas. Undead Nation: Last Shelter possesses multiple chapters with rich content that will not make players feel boring. In addition, the base system will have to develop more branches to facilitate the movement, combat, and resuscitation.


Game title style 3D graphics beautiful. Rich terrain, large maps, each chapter is shown on one screen. The characters are clearly described, and the frame rate is sufficient to allow the player to feel the scene and observe the effect. Beautiful combat effects, the lines out the blow is expressed clearly, multi-color. The layout of the game is clear; the information is described in detail and full. The themes in the game are mostly depicted in dark colors, creating a murky, ghostly, zombie-like atmosphere. So, players will be immersed in the living space of the war to survive zombies.

Nation Undead: Last Shelter will be very suitable for those who prefer strategy genre and survival. Bringing the zombie theme extremely fun, it’s definitely going to be unforgettable. Every update of the game has been updated with new enhancements. Undead Nation: Last Shelter, players will find the challenge. DoubleUGames is releasing this game for free, let’s have the right choice.

MOD Info

  • God Mode
  • One Hit
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