Game Super Slime Ben
Publisher Cartoon Network
Genre Arcade
Size 76M
Latest Version 1.1
MOD Info all character
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Do you remember the name, Ben Tennyson? Yes, that is the main character of the animated film Ben 10, released in 2005 it! At that time, I really liked this movie, so I never missed an episode. Many times I dreamed of getting the boy’s Omnitrix watch, to get the ability to turn into alien heroes. Sure, there are some people who wanted to get the watch right? Join the Super Slime Ben game, and you can transform your shoulders into the heroes of the Omnitrix watch. Now let’s explore the gift Cartoon Network brings!


Super Slime Ben is about the journey back to Earth of guy Ben Tennyson. In the last battle in the earth, strange creatures cannot defeat Ben, so we make a plan to lure Ben to a terrifying place where the chemical mucus is. These oils are very toxic, and only this can kill Ben. Ben had been trapped by them, so he was caught deep in the ground, with the mucus. Now, the monsters that are destroying the Earth take Ben back to protect our planet, at the risk of extinction.


In this game, you will be the heroes of the role of Ben, including Four Arms, Heatblast, Diamondhead, Xlr8, Cannonbolt, Shock Rock, Wildvine, Gray Matter, Stinkfly, and Overflow. Each hero has unique abilities, which will help you a lot on the journey back to Earth. In terms of playing mechanics, your task in this game is to climb high to find a way out of the mucus containing the area. However, gameplay is not just about climbing so high. In the process of climbing, you will encounter many difficulties, such as suspended particles of oil, fire tubes, monsters, … and soaring layers of soil. Use your character’s skills to attack the ground, they will be lowered, and you can climb. However, the mucus layer is like tides; they rise very fast, you must quickly move while avoiding obstacles appearing around you.

Sometimes, you may be submerged and have to restart a new game. But do not worry, try again, move faster and use support items such as elevators, or protective armor to finish the game faster. In addition to the 10 characters that Ben has available, you can also unlock new characters in the store and explore their abilities. However, you need to accumulate a lot of bonuses to be able to own them.


Again, Cartoon Network brings an entertaining game handy to us. The company’s games are light in style, do not tend to be violent, and are very appealing to players due to its compelling storyline and fun gameplay. Let’s join this game, and help Ben return safely to Earth!

MOD: Unlocked all character