Game SuperStar BTS APK

Game SuperStar BTS APK
Publisher Dalcomsoft, Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 55MB
Latest Version 1.1.9
MOD Info auto perfect
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OS Android Games

If you are a music lover, surely BTS is a group that is no stranger to you. Handsome men and multi-talented is always a hot topic in your talk with friends. What do you think if you have the chance to show off their great songs and be known by many people? To satisfy that need Dalcomsoft, Inc. has launched SuperStar BTS and gained a lot of praise not only from K-pop fans but also from hardcore gamers. Let me explore some features of the game.

Do you love KPop and SuperStar?

Contains BTS songs
If you are a fan of this world famous group, this is heaven for you. The legendary songs of the team from Debut to the latest songs are gathered here, always ready for you to play and enjoy it. What is more attractive than playing your favourite song yourself and gaining a high score with it?

BTS Card Collection
The handsome guy is designed on beautiful and sophisticated cards. If you play well, have enough bonus points to upgrade the cards are much beautiful. Captivating BTS Signed Card and Prism Card !!!! Take advantage of all the skills you have to collect them and your impressive collection.

The Competitive Mode For 7 Days
Use your passion and passion as a motivator to climb the top leaderboard and earn more rewards every week. Maybe it will be rare cards that you have not owned yet. And then perhaps the prize will be the power point to upgrade your cards or can be found in daily missions. Your cards will grow stronger and make it easier for you to become one of the best players.

New Missions Every Day!
There will be lots of missions to be made daily that you need to complete them. You will get a lot of experience points to level up. Do not worry about clearing all your daily tasks as they are constantly adding; you can play until you’re tired. Achieve high achievement to get more bonuses.


  • SuperStar BTS requires you to grant access to the application so that they can provide you with the most convenient support and features of the game.
  • Picture (Photos / Gallery) / Video / File: so that the game can store all the data in the memory of the machine, avoid data loss due to game deletion or abnormal.
  • Read, Record and Save at External Storage: Record all your favourite sound and game options you have installed to suit your tastes.
  • There are also other minor requirements that do not affect the security of information such as Device ID and Call Information, Wi-Fi Connection Information, ID, etc.
  • If you want to revoke access to the game can follow the instructions: Settings> SuperStar BTS> Access Agree or Access Revoke.


The graphics of theSuperStar BTS game are very elaborate, but perhaps the halo of the idols is so big that the designer’s effort is somewhat overshadowed. But that’s okay; it’s also the efforts of the game production team to be respected. Besides, the sound of this game has to say that there are few games to match the support of BTS’s good songs from the past. The quality of the music is maximised to give the player a lot of experience.

Sum up

SuperStar BTS APK v1.0.5 is free to download on ModDroid, but there are still bundles of in-game items sold with real money. If you like the game, please install and buy the game packages to support the manufacturer. Let’s contribute to the increase in game downloads as it has reached the milestone 100000 only after three days. That is an impressive number you need to care about.

What’s new in version 1.1.5

  • Many new songs (Top Kpop songs)
  • The Beatmap Note size is bigger, making it easier for players to manipulate
  • Add lots of new wallpapers, automatically change to music
  • Go To Lobby is added everywhere, players can return to the homepage faster


– Auto-S-Perfect
– No misses while playing

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