Game The Big Capitalist

Game The Big Capitalist
Publisher Broken Reality
Genre Simulation
Size 40M
Latest Version 1.4.4
MOD Info money
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Update September 28, 2019 (1 year ago)

The Big Capitalist –¬†For a long time, humans have known a form of production. It is a huge profit that is capital. It is not like making crafts or being a gardening farmer. Capital is a form of production by machines, both bring great productivity, reduce the value of labor down, but it costs very little. As such, countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States have adopted this form and are now the number one economic powerhouses. So you want to become a capitalist and make much money? The Big Capitalist simulation game will help you fulfill this dream instantly. Try this game experience!

Become young ambitious business investors!

The Big Capitalist is a simulation game in the field of production. However, you will not have to work as hard as the farmers, but you will hire labor and machinery to work for you. From the beginning, you are transformed into a capitalist, given money and a system of machines. However, you have to start with a tiny initial scale. You will have to build your career to expand your capital market, to dominate the whole world. Perhaps you are wondering what you will have to produce in this game? The answer I give you is everything: medicines, gems, jewelry, building materials, car accessories, food, computers, …

Make the right decisions

Initially, you only provided one Number of machines to produce as food, medicine or car accessories. After the production and trading process to make a profit, you can buy more modern production lines. And if you want to get more profit from a certain type of production, click the Expand button x1 next to your screen. Although it costs a fair bit of money to expand, you will soon be able to get your money back. Besides, there is another critical issue that I want to talk to you about. If you are having some financial problems, or are too busy with the job, hire some managers to help you less busy and have more time to rest.


The Big Capitalist¬†MOD is the sequence of the serial title game Capitalist. The previous version of this game was strongly backed by the gaming community by its leisure and entertainment. Broken Reality’s publisher is hoping to get the support of others, so they have the motivation to develop more engaging titles to serve the people.

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