Game Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth
Publisher Bandai Namco
Genre RPG
Size 75MB
Latest Version 2.2.7
MOD Info Damage/Defense
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Update October 2, 2019 (1 year ago)

Humans have imagined many kinds of immortal creatures with their own shapes. The most famous can be said Vampier, Or recently the zombie appears a lot in movies and games. Besides, there are still many kinds of mythical creatures that are exploited in different cultures. A lot of Japanese anime, Tokyo Ghoul, is one of them. You will notice that ghoul is actually a combination of Ma Cang and Zombies, but it has unique Japanese culture and unique creative features of the publisher.

Thanks to the popularity of the Tokyo Ghoul, many game makers have borrowed the idea of the franchise. Even so, many manufacturers have obtained a license to use their character and plot in the game.

Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth One of them, with the number of characters, stories, and backgrounds taken entirely from the original story but promising to bring the latest experience for players. Bandai Namco Responsible for publishing this game to the whole world. You also know them through many movies for children from Japan as well as famous games. This partly guarantees the quality of the Tokyo Ghoul: Reborn.

6-person tap-combo battle system!

Game control was clearly shown in the trailer and was confirmed by the publisher. With the familiar RPG gameplay and realistic real-time turn-based battle system, players will quickly become familiar with it. Of course, with the easy-to-familiar gameplay, the design team will have to put in the game mechanics and external challenges that attract players.

First, the character system in the Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth will be designed precisely as it has been mentioned in the anime. In addition, it is transformed into a 3D shape with many beautiful camera angles during the battle so that you can watch your favorite characters from all angles.

Sum up

Before each match, you must prepare the position by arranging the characters that you own in a certain formation. They will have their own skills, and you will be the ones who rearrange the skills that support each other and create consecutive combo strings. Must have different types of damage and strong enough to last a long time. It only ends when a party is routed. Each time, you will be carrying around 4 characters with the skills shown in the status bar. Each time you want to use just click on the icon of that character. They have certain recovery time and energy. Please calculate carefully to cause enough damage to end the Spider

MOD Info

1. Attack Multiplier (x1 ~ x100)
2. Defense Multiplier (x1 ~ x100)
3. Unlimited Skills [NEW] 4. ON / OFF MOD [NEW] 5. NO ADS