Game Time Pact APK – a game by X-Legend

Game Time Pact APK – a game by X-Legend
Publisher X-Legend
Genre RPG
Size 57MB
Latest Version 1.03
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Hey boys !!! Do you have a girlfriend? If not, then follow me to one of the most “girls” games I’ve ever known. If you have a girlfriend, then do not hesitate to try once. The game is called Time Pact. A bit of background information about the manufacturer X-LEGEND and also the game publisher. X-legend Entertainment is a developer of the MMORPG developer genre and has released free-to-play free games in 15 different countries and languages. The company consists of more than 100 game designers working hard all day and night to bring the best quality products to the gamer community. The company was founded in 2002 in Taiwan (HQ), Global, after ten years of development, they have launched many popular PC games such as Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia, and Twin Saga.

If you are interested in them, please contact “[email protected]” or phone number “+ 886-2-7718-6620”. But it seems they have not achieved any success in the phone game market or perhaps they have not been “a little luck”. Because despite their best efforts, the games they released have not received much attention in the English market and have not made the Asian market “boom” once. And in 2018 just arrived (a new beginning), they continue their endless effort with lastest phone game Time Pact.

The story will be set in a fascinating context when you are surrounded by beautiful girls. In the game, you will be accompanied by hot girls and fight against the beasts in the timeline that you exist. Not only that, but you can also coordinate with players you know, or who first meet but intend to make friends and fight with you in the coming time. You will be playing a girl (any model you like, and especially this game will not have a male character, maybe it will fit the majority of male players !!!) and lost at another time. Here you must fight and defend this land like a mighty hero.

Time Pact APK will not feature powerful male characters so you will need to equip your heroine with the most powerful equipment to help them kill enemies as fast as possible and upgrade them. The resistance of female warriors increased many times. But rest assured, although they have a lot of tolerance their body is still scorching. It is also likely that the game will be released in Japan for the first time, where the producer has had success with the 2D-styled game genre Anime Style. This is an RPG type game that will bring the features of this game.

The game has not yet been released, but the upcoming moves will have the manufacturer give the gaming community decide whether to download it and experience it or not. I think this is a good midrange game and worth a try once because of its novel plot and its eye-catching graphics. If possible let me test it in the future. I will constantly update information about the game, so you follow me regularly.

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