Game Turn It On!

Game Turn It On!
Publisher Rushing Pixel
Genre Logic
Size 55MB
Latest Version 1.37
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Update September 26, 2019 (1 year ago)

Do you think you are a smart enough and creative person? Have you ever tried the IQ test to see if you have a super brain? And are you ready for challenges that require a lot of calculus, quick thinking and genius memory? Come to Turn It On!, an extremely unique, innovative and above all exciting game from Rushing Pixel. Whether you are confident enough and able to face this demanding and highly focused game, get your hands on the phone and explore where your brain can go. And with the challenges of the game?

Decipher the mystery

Like a game of intellectual stimulation, Turn It On! Follow the classic IQ games or have the new striking features that attract players? The answer is yes, and the challenge is the new way the player must perform to overcome the problem. And with your name, your only goal is to make the light bulb light up. When you participate in the game, you will encounter many boxes that you both love and hate. And on the face of the tables are the light bulbs and a system of switches extraordinarily complicated and troublesome. And you will have to tap or flip the switch to follow a rule that can cause the light to turn on. At first, it seemed real but straightforward, to be able to do that is not easy at all.

It requires that you calculate the cases that can occur when button combinations appear because they can only be clicked or manipulated according to a specific rule to make the lamp light up. Plus, you have to be very focused and fast because there are switches that require you to press at a particular point in time to be successful. And it also needs you to have a perfect memory to remember the bright spots to run and press the switch in the correct sequence of light to turn on the lights. The only way to play is to push the switch, press the switch and press the switch, but press the switch and hit when it’s a complicated thing for you to overcome this difficult challenge.


Turn It On! is a pure IQ game so its features are quite simple and nothing too unique and outstanding. The boxes are arranged in order of increasing difficulty and the more challenging, the higher the table, the more light bulbs and switches and incredibly complex. It will not be too surprised if you play this game you always have to scratch your head or have a moment just to throw the phone away because you can not remember the sequence of switches or can not base be the time of the bright spot to press the button, …

Graphics and sound

As a game with simple features, it is not difficult to imagine the graphics in the game is as simple. Single box light in the middle of grey space, it cannot be more straightforward. But the simplicity that brings the fun for this game. Because if you can not turn on the lights, the area will not be bright, right? The highlight of the game is the yellow boxes – the most prominent colour in the palette, and the lights and buttons, levers, gears, … extraordinarily sophisticated and orderly, extremely exciting for a game that stimulates the brain like this. The click-and-hold sound of buttons or ting sounds when you turn on a light that is both simple and addictive. You will not know how happy you are when you hear that thing!

Sum up

As an IQ, it’s a new, exciting brainchild, Turn It On! Promises to bring you the moments of extreme fun, even make you passionate to forget the time. Because the trials are stopping until you can not catch up and give up, of course not one of us wants to give up and accept failure. Come to Turn It On! APK And experience this fun feeling offline!


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