Game Widower’s Sky

Game Widower’s Sky
Genre Adventure
Update August 9, 2018 (3 years ago)

Out of the current gameplay races, there are still some manufacturers that make their games enthusiastic. It’s almost become a work of art and not a game anymore. Players will spend a lot of time to stop, look at the scenery designed in the game a long time before starting the new journey. Their design is also unusual; the move is not the same as the old system.

Widower’s Sky is a brand new Whaleo game that is almost released for gamers to enjoy. Way back in March of 2016, they published a notice on their home page about a brand new game they are rushing production. The first introductions made the players extremely excited when they promised this would be a stunning new game. So far, two years have passed, and they have almost completed the final polishing.

Whaleo (pronounced “way-lee-oh”) is a computer software company famous for PCs, and also a game maker all brought to you by Michael Warren. They are the game makers focus more on the quality of their products than when they give information that they have completed 95% of the work, the remaining 5% occupied a very long time. Whaleo wants his game to look perfect and unique, not to be confused with any other game. However, the wait also has its own value; the best evidence is the Widower’s Sky.

Widower’s Sky is a combination of the three most popular elements of adventure, puzzle, and survival. Each aspect of the game represents what makes it a perfect body rather than a deliberately crammed game. The game is an arduous journey of a father, son and their dog. The adventure takes place by hopping through different portals and the bizarre point is that they do not know where the destination is. Just go and explore it, the majestic scenery and the exotic mix that comes to mind after stepping through a portal makes the player feel the enjoyment of playing this game to the end.

The game is also fun when you have to overcome the challenges by solving puzzles. The winding, bumpy roads and challenging quests appear in a place that makes the game more of a chain of discovery than the competition. However, you must survive in majestic nature, facing lions and bears. Do not die for nature before completing the challenge. How to control the MFi controller: multidirectional joystick, two buttons to change the direction of the camera, attack, jump, … A sequence of function buttons to change the character.

This is where Widower’s Sky is so long to be released. Characters in the game are abstracted, not designed in the usual way. However, the heroic scene makes the players feel extremely small. The buildings are a mixture of ancient Greek architecture and modern. The rest are suspended on the clouds. Characters become as small as they are in the world of gods. Widower’s Sky requires powerful and new iOS devices later on. But the manufacturer has tried its best to optimize it. In the beginning, it was only iPhone 6s and above but recently optimized for both IP5s and IP6. So you can enjoy it if you have a medium-sized smart device. A beautiful world opens up, take the time to look at it a lot offline.


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