Game Triple S (Project TF)

Game Triple S (Project TF)
Publisher 4:33 Creative Lab
Genre RPG
Update August 9, 2018 (3 years ago)

So far, side-scrolling fighting games have become the most basic form of gaming. The most famous and up to date is still upgraded every day is Mario of Nintendo. However, it does not have too much fighting elements, so people who love fighting games do not really like it. Dungeon Fighter has served as a guide for such games. Many manufacturers have mimicked the way the game is designed, and the story designs have a small part of the idea. Currently, Triple S has completed its final steps in the refining of the game and will launch in 2018. It will undoubtedly be released soon because the publisher has opened the portal for the game before. You can get quick access to the 4:33 Creative Lab homepage for updates.

The final product of Project TF

The speed of Triple S will be pushed up to a much more hardcore level than other game roll scene. Because it has the most combat and combos, the faster chance of survival. The opponent will be born continuously and spread throughout the screen, if not kill it until hard to defend all sides surround them. Movement is still kept as in all other games, you will run from left to right to fight, but monsters will spill out on both sides so try to turn skillfully to avoid being hit too much.

Because of this movement direction, the MFI control system has become the norm for such role-playing games. To the left is a 4-way joystick and the left is an attacking system and skills. But this game has a complex system of special skills, so the gamer will have to join the combo of heroes to manipulate in a smooth and fast way. The four main skills and three additional skills will make the already fast-paced battles much harder.

The above parameters are available in the game, such as blood, mana, and allied information. Attack damage and combos will jump continuously on the screen to create a dramatic atmosphere. Skills in Triple S will not need cooldown time, so continuous combo will take place until the battle ends. Four people can play together in a match, so the match effect will make the player overwhelmed.


Compared to other games of the same genre, the modern character design is an advantage of Triple S. The lines on the body of the character are strong, angular, even to the female heroes also wear the armor. Stylized with many pieces of armor paired together. However, the traditional style is still very much influenced by the body styles that are sometimes exaggerated in attractive body parts. Although it is a 2D scroll game, it still has four directions on the map. This makes the game more in-depth, making it less inferior to 3D games that are flooding the market today.


Currently, 4:33 Creative Lab plans to release Triple S globally. However, some financial issues last year have slowed this process down a bit. However, it is only the move to open the registration before. Certainly in South Korea is still released on both iOS and Android but the worldwide version will have to wait a little longer.

The game will be released in the near future

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