Game World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

Game World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Genre Sports
Size 371M
Latest Version 2.9.2
MOD Info Unlimited Coin/Unlocked
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Update February 26, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2 is an excellent baseball game on mobile. With dramatically improved graphics and many famous international tournaments, this game promises to create sympathy at first sight to those who are fans of this sport!

Cricket is a famous sport in the world combining physical factors, strategy and precision reflexes. For many Asians, the game of playing with a stick is not really popular compared to European countries. However, in contrast with Eastern countries, when in Europe, it is a trendy sport. It is so popular that many well-known game publishers have released many gmes that work on both PC and smartphone platforms based on the pure-play of this exciting sport. And the game that we are about to send to you in this article. There is also a game that has resonated and has made a mark for the players in the phone game – World Cricket Championship 2. Developed by the mobile gaming big boss – Nextwave Multimedia, WCC2 is a whole new generation of mobile Cricket. The manufacturer promises not to disappoint genuine cricket fans when it has brought significant improvements compared to its predecessor in both 3D graphics and content.

World Cricket Championship 2 (MOD, Coins/Unlocked)

3D mobile cricket game in the palm of their hands!

First, the most essential element that can be mentioned in “WCC2” comes from the ability to switch flexibly between Online and Offline modes. Individually, when you are not in the coverage area of ​​the internet, gamers can still reach other players through 1vs1 mode – Local Rivals or challenge mode with NPC way. When in Online mode, you will have access to every other player in the world in 1vs1 Online Rivals mode. Now you have to face wiser strategies from stronger opponents.

World Cricket Championship 2 (MOD, Coins/Unlocked)

150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions

In addition, the game also attracts gamers by authenticity with more than 150 different swinging moves along with more than 28 handball animation. It comes with a professionally handled physics effect from various aspects revolving around the character and bouncing effect. The number of selected teams was significantly more productive with 18 different international teams, ten teams playing in the country, in 42 different stadiums, up to your choice. In addition, the tournament in this new version includes many various tournaments such as Test Cricket, QuickPlay mode, hot weekly events along with over 11 World Cup tournaments, World T20 Cup, tournament Blitz, and ODI Series.

Moreover, gamers can also choose a play practice style through challenging automated opponents programmed with Artificial Intelligence technology; or join other modes of challenging friends, quests, and team ball tournaments. Not only that, the game also has many other exciting features such as the rain mode that suddenly prevents the match for a period of time, the function of changing the appearance of each athlete in your own team (Because this is not must be a game based on real tournaments and based on the character’s original name).

World Cricket Championship 2 (MOD, Coins/Unlocked)

Realistic ball physics

Individually, you can change the height, color, and a number of the shirt, the facial details of each character in the team, strange and unique tattoos that are unique to each person. Even the game can change the figures, skills for each character. Characters in “WCC2” will have more gestures, expressions that vary depending on each match situation compared to the previous version. The rotation angle in this game will also be improved to more than 40 different aspects, promising to bring a sense of suspense to the player throughout the match. It can be said that this is a game with the most features I have ever known related to the sport of Cricket. There are even many features that I have not had the opportunity to mention in this article, all to give you the chance to experience all the great features of this game. And one thing to note is that if you want to open new features, you have to overcome many different tournaments.

World Cricket Championship 2 (MOD, Coins/Unlocked)

Challenging AI opponent

WCC2 can be said to have extremely close gameplay with the rules of an actual sport of Cricket. For those who do not know, in a match, there will be two teams, each team has 11 players competing against each other on a round grass field. The main purpose of this match was two teams taking turns, a serve and a team hit the ball. After all players of the batting team are disqualified, one team will change to pitch the ball, and the other team will enter the court to become the team to hit. Each side has a Wicket of 3 sticks inserted into the ground. The team, on the other side, imagined a pitcher called Bowler and some people around the team waiting around for the ball called Fielder. If the pitcher causes the ball to bounce off the ground and breaks the opponent’s Wicket, then that team wins the point.

World Cricket Championship 2 (MOD, Coins/Unlocked)

Ashes to Ashes Test Tournament

The batter’s duty is to protect the ball from hitting the ball on his Wicket. Here are just a few points about the basic play of this subject; in fact, the rules of the game are a bit more complicated. But in WCC2, everything has been reduced to some difficult rules. The main factor affecting the game is largely derived from the character’s stats in the outside custom section, and through experience from the matches. You will only have to control the force and speed of the pitch (if you are a pitcher) and set the timing of the throwing of the ball when the ball arrives (if the thrower). As I have encountered, this is a game modeled very closely with the usual cricket subject. And if you do not really understand how to play this game, join the practice mode, the game will show you everything. All that is left to do is to arrange a reasonable strategy, upgrade the character index, and start enjoying the game with all opponents from around the world.

World Cricket Championship 2 (MOD, Coins/Unlocked)


Because it is a successor to the cult World Cricket Championship, so WCC2 has a beautiful malicious background, even better than the previous version. Character animations, character gestures, scenes, and atmosphere of the game are all detailed and surprisingly realistic. Not stopping there, game publishers take even more care when adding to the game extremely active cheerleaders. Although this is not really necessary, it has contributed significantly to bring an engaging experience for players. Combined with multiple camera angles in more than 40 different positions, along with slow-motion mode, the game gives Cricket fans a fascinating experience whenever hitting or missing the ball. Not only that, the weather elements in the game, such as rain, daytime, or night time are shown exceptionally beautifully. It can be said that for a mobile game, WCC2 simulates the scale of the game of Cricket really exceeds the expectations of the players. At the same time, it is rare for a cricket simulation game actually to surpass the product from Nextwave Multimedia. If you love or want to learn about Cricket sports, this is a perfect game to download on your mobile device.


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