Guide to taking care of dogs in summer, you need to know these points!

Now that the hot summer is getting closer and closer, summer is the most difficult season for dogs. If you want dogs to have a better summer, owners should take precautions in advance and take good care of their dogs in summer. Guide, you need to know these points!

Some pet owners may think that the dog is so hot in summer because the hair is too long, and they want to help it cool down, so they shave it.

In fact, this is a wrong approach. The dog’s hair has a protective effect on its skin. If the hair is shaved, it is easy to contract skin diseases. In fact, shaving the dog’s hair does not help it regulate its body temperature.

In the hot summer, humans can’t stand it when they walk on the road, let alone a dog. If you take it for a walk in high temperature, it is very easy to get heatstroke.

However, the daily dog ​​walking cannot be ignored, so it is recommended to walk the dog at the best time, in the early morning or in the evening, so as to prevent the dog from heat stroke or burn the pad, it is best to wear a shoe to avoid burns.

Normally, the amount of water to drink in summer will be larger than that in winter. Don’t forget to add water to your dog to avoid dehydration.

Whether you are going out or at home, you must prepare enough water to quench your dog’s thirst and cool down, and keep the water clean. It is best to change it frequently. You can also spray some water on the dog’s body with a spray to help dissipate heat. .

Dogs like to blow air conditioners very much in summer, because they are cool and comfortable, but blow air conditioners to a certain degree, otherwise they will get air conditioner diseases.

Moreover, blowing the air conditioner for a long time will also cause it to become dependent on the low temperature environment. In this way, when it reaches the high temperature environment, it will easily cause discomfort and cause chronic heat stroke.

For humans, eating cold food in summer is undoubtedly the most refreshing, and the same is true for dogs.

However, the dog’s stomach is very fragile. Eating too much cold food can easily cause symptoms such as diarrhea and affect its health. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner not use it to feed it. If it accidentally eats diarrhea, it is best to feed it. Give it some probiotics to adjust its stomach, recommend “not greasy probiotics”, take care of gastrointestinal health and improve diarrhea.

Summer is also a season that makes people easy to get angry. If you are not careful, you will get angry. After getting angry, dogs will easily have tear marks, which will affect their appearance and health.

In summer, the owner should pay attention to the dog’s light diet. It is best to give it seasonal fruits and vegetables. It can replenish water and relieve heat. Choose a low-salt dog food with psyllium formula as the main food. It is recommended to “greedy” Not greasy dog ​​food”, with a salt content of 0.09%, formula of plantain seeds and duck meat, relieves the problem of tear stains caused by dogs getting angry with their diets. Wipe your eyes more often to help your dog get rid of the tears.



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