Short-legged corgi is so cute, I can’t go up the stairs

If you want to say what the cuteness of Corgi is, it must be short legs and round buttocks. In addition, its erect ears, happy smile, lively and friendly personality, super charm, even the Queen of England I can’t resist its charm, I have raised more than 30 corgis!

Because it is a small dog, it has short legs and has a good personality. In our opinion, it is super invincible and very cute. It is also a very interesting picture to think of a small short-legged butt running around the house. haha~

I saw a video on the Internet. It is a little corgi when it climbs stairs. The little guy is still small. Although he tried hard to climb up, his short legs kicked and kicked, but he couldn’t climb up. It’s so urgent, I really want to go up and help it!

When it snows, when Corgi is happy and desperate, he often spreads his feet and runs into the snow, only to find that the dog is gone!

Although corgis look stupid like this, their IQs are not low. When training some of their movements, they only need to train dozens of times. Compared with some dogs who repeat it hundreds of times, it is already very powerful!



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