It is “meat among vegetarians”, its nutrition is 20 times that of spinach, 7 times that of pork liver, and it often eats it to make your face ruddy

It is “meat among vegetarians”, its nutrition is 20 times that of spinach, 7 times that of pork liver, and it often eats it to make your face ruddy

No one can stand big fish and big meat in summer. At this time, vegetarian dishes are often more popular than meat. Among all vegetarian dishes, there are two other dishes that have to be mentioned, that is, wild vegetables and the ones that have emerged in recent years. Green leafy vegetables, such as their representative fungus. There are many names for fungus dishes. Because the taste is similar to fungus, everyone calls it fungus dishes. Of course, some places call it tofu dishes.

This dish is known as “meat in vegetarian food” and has very high nutritional value. According to research, every 100 grams of fungus vegetables contains 1.6 grams of protein, 337 mg of vitamin A, 2020 mg of carotene, and 337 mg of vitamin C. The nutritional value is 20 times that of spinach and 7 times that of pork liver. It also contains 166 mg of calcium and 3.2 mg of iron. Among all green leafy vegetables, its nutritional value ranks first. Such a good healthy vegetable, women often eat can play a role in replenishing qi and blood.

In July, don’t stare at amaranth, its calcium is three times that of spinach, low in calories and fat, and tender skin. Amaranth is a popular vegetable in summer, but fungus should not be underestimated either. It is an ingredient that can be used as a landscape plant or as a dish. As early as 2,200 years ago, there were already records about Luokui in “Er Ya”. Although fungus has only been on people’s tables in recent years, it is actually an ancient vegetable. The texture is smooth, delicious and delicious, and it can also play a role in strengthening the brain, lowering blood pressure, increasing intelligence, strengthening the body, and rejuvenating the skin. Let’s try this garlic fungus dish together!

【Garlic fungus dish】

Ingredients: 250 grams of fungus, 2 cloves of garlic, vegetable oil, salt, oyster sauce, chicken essence

Cooking methods:

1. Rinse the fungus and remove the old stems. This will affect the slippery taste. Do not use too much force when washing the fungus, otherwise it will be easily broken when washing.

2. Peel the garlic and cut it into minced garlic. You can put more garlic, which can not only increase the taste, but also have a strong fragrance, which can stimulate the taste buds.

3. Put vegetable oil in the pot, and when it is 50% hot, put the minced garlic in and sauté until fragrant, then pour in the drained fungus. The water content of the fungus itself is relatively large, so be sure to drain the water.

4. Turn on high heat and stir-fry vigorously, add salt and oyster sauce, and then add a little chicken essence. Do not fry the fungus for too long, otherwise it will become too soft and unpalatable.

5. When the color of fried fungus becomes darker, it can be taken out of the pan and put into a plate. Generally speaking, green leafy vegetables should not be fried for too long, otherwise the nutrients will be easily lost.

Food engraving tip:

Fungus vegetables are rich in moisture, smooth and refreshing when eaten, and have a better taste than ordinary vegetables. In addition, they are rich in nutrients. When frying, they are suitable for quick frying on high heat, and then you can start eating directly out of the pan



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