Moutai employees took self-portraits of the canteen, causing heated discussions, and netizens ridiculed: Don’t come to Moutai for dinner?

If you want to say that China’s most famous wine company, it must be Moutai, which can sell 1272.<> billion a year, and ordinary people can’t buy it if they want to.

As the saying goes: back against a big tree to enjoy the shade, to be able to work in Moutai, is also the dream of many people. Everyone thinks that the company makes so much money, the treatment of employees must be good, think that the salary will not be low, and the food in the canteen is also good.

But recently, there have been several selfies of Moutai employee canteens on the Internet, which has aroused heated discussions among netizens, because the canteen food in the photos is too popular, which is completely different from everyone’s imagination.

Some netizens ridiculed: Isn’t everyone eating with bottles of Maotai?

1. Do not drink alcohol at work, and there is alcohol in employee welfare

First of all, we must understand a truth, do not drink at work, drink alcohol and do not go to work. Even in Moutai Distillery, if employees eat and drink, it will affect the working state, and the factory is definitely not allowed to drink.

Maybe everyone longs for Moutai, but employees who come into contact with Moutai every day in the factory may not be so excited and just a job.

Finally, Moutai will give benefits to employees every year, it is said that it is a whole box of Moutai, converted into tens of thousands, which is still very enviable.

2. Most people come into contact with semi-finished wine

Sauce liquor starts with steamed sorghum and ends with more than 160 steps in between.

For example, workers working in the workshop can only touch the seven-wheeled raw sake. These wines are either extremely high in strength or have a relatively single taste, which is completely different from the Moutai we end up drinking.

However, the flavorists in charge of seasoning can drink Moutai every day, because their job is to distribute different rounds of raw wine and old wine from the distillery in a certain proportion, and finally get the Moutai sold on the market.

So after reading the above, I believe you also understand that even as a Moutai employee, Moutai does not drink water every day. Now the monitoring facilities are very complete, and employees who want to drink secretly can easily be detected and thus lose their jobs.

In short, the quality and reputation of Moutai is obvious, everyone wants to drink, but thousands of bottles, we should not always stare at it. Within their own economic power, choose some wines with prices close to the people and good quality are the best solution, the following two good wines, you may wish to take a look.

1. Guokang 1935

This authentic sauce-flavored liquor is brewed using the ancient method of 12987, because its wine quality has reached excellent standards, and it has been highly praised by local drinkers in Guizhou.

It is made from local glutinous red sorghum, has a high tannin content and is resistant to cooking, which is the key to the independence of Guizhou sauce wine from the world. After the new sake is made, it is stored for 5 years, and then the 10-year-old wine is added according to the secret recipe.

The mouth is mellow and sweet, the sauce is elegant, the wine is in contact with the tongue, very mild and non-irritating, slightly acidic, and the taste is very smooth when swallowing.

2. Wenjun wine

Produced in Qionglai, Sichuan, this wine has a deep history and a deep relationship with the love stories of Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun.

That year, it can be said that it is an outstanding representative of Sichuan good wine, and it has been “Sichuan Famous Wine” for several consecutive times, but it has always lacked the name of national famous wine.

In 1988, Wen Junjiu participated in the “Fifth National Wine Appraisal”, but surprisingly did not win the award. Subsequently, Wen Junjiu refused to accept the award and gradually declined.

Later, after changing owners several times, tossing and turning three times, but still did not get a good opportunity to develop, and now it is only in the circle of some old drinking friends, its legend is circulating, but overall, Wenjun wine is a good wine worth tasting.



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