Bought hairtail, which is better, black eyes or yellow eyes? The old fisherman teaches 3 tricks, the hairtail fish tastes fresh

Which one is better to buy hairtail, black eyes or yellow eyes? The old fisherman teaches 3 tricks. The fresh taste of hairtail fish is just right. Hello everyone. I am Brother Qi and I am talking about food.

Hairtail meat is delicious, nutritious, and easy to cook. People of all ages like to eat it. When you buy hairtail, many people like to eat wide ones, thinking that the meat is thick and affordable, but haven’t you found that hairtails with thick meat are more woody, and they don’t have a serious hairtail taste.

Some elderly people prefer the narrow ones, saying that hairtails of this size are full of fragrance, with the smell of hairtails, especially fragrant, so how wide should they buy hairtails? And what kind to buy? Which one is better to buy hairtail, black eyes or yellow eyes? The old fishermen teach 3 tricks, hairtail fish is fresh and delicious, I think these 3 tricks are very practical, I can’t wait to share them with you, friends, let’s take a look.

01 So which hairtail is delicious?

The hairtail we often eat is roughly divided into Bohai hairtail, Lvsi hairtail, Zhoushan hairtail, Yellow Sea hairtail, and imported hairtail.

①Bohai hairtail, Lvsi hairtail, and Zhoushan hairtail are delicious, but due to the depletion of fishery resources in recent years, the resources are less, and the prices that can be bought are quite expensive.

② Unpalatable hairtails include yellow sea hairtail and imported hairtail, which are large in size and thick in meat. These two kinds of hairtails have no smell of hairtails at all, and some fish have hard joints on their bodies, commonly known as “Shenjiang Stone”.

02 How big is the hairtail to buy?

Generally, the width of hairtail should be 3 fingers wide to be standard. Hairtails smaller than 3 fingers wide are worthless. Among hairtails of the same species, the wider the better, so everyone remembers that hairtails smaller than 3 fingers wide are worthless. You can’t buy it at the price of ordinary hairtail, otherwise you will suffer a loss.

03 Look at the characteristics and buy hairtail

①Look at the color and size of the eyes: remember the black eyes and the small eyes

Delicious domestic hairtail, whether it is from Bohai Sea or Zhoushan, has black eyes and small eyes.

Most of the imported hairtails and hairtails from the South China Sea have yellow eyes. Remember that hairtails with yellow eyes are definitely not tasty, which is easy to identify.

The eyeballs of fresh hairtail are full and not sunken, and the kernels of the eyes are darker. The hairtail that is not fresh has dirty eyes, as if it is covered by a layer of white veil, so you should pay close attention to this.

②Look at the surface of hairtail

It can be seen that the silver scales on the surface of the hairtail do not fall off, remain intact, and even reflect light, indicating that the hairtail is very fresh and can be purchased.

If you see the silver scales on the surface of the hairtail falling off, or even revealing the fish meat, it means that the hairtail is not fresh and should not be purchased.

③Look at the belly of the fish

When you buy all kinds of fish, you can look at the belly of the fish, which is the most likely to deteriorate. Because the residual food in the fish belly is easy to rot and deteriorate, it can be seen from the fish belly. If the belly meat of the fish becomes thin, sticky, discolored or even torn, it means that the hairtail is no longer fresh, so do not buy it.

04 Fried octopus practice

Many friends said that frying hairtail is very difficult, the skin is easy to fall off, the fish meat is broken, and the cooked hairtail dishes seem to lose their appetite. In fact, it is very simple. Simply share 3 methods to fry fish without sticking to the pan.

1. Smear ginger slices on the bottom of the pot, then add oil to heat, so that the ginger juice and fish skin will react to form a hard shell, and the fish skin will not stick to the pot.

2. Frying at high temperature, wait until the oil temperature is 60% hot, put the octopus into the pan, don’t move it, wait until the bottom is browned and can shake the bottom of the pan, then turn it over with chopsticks, so that it will not stick to the pan, because the fish skin Gelatinized by high temperature, forming a protective layer.

3. The method of dragging eggs and making noodles, which is also called noodle dragging method in the south. You can also drag eggs after making flour. Fried crabs and fish are all done in this way. Fried octopus is crispy and delicious, and the fish is tender. Let’s see how to do it together.

【Dry Fried Hairtail】

Step 1: Clean the hairtail, remove the viscera and bone blood, cut off the dorsal fin, and drain the water.

Step 2: Add green onion and ginger, cooking wine, salt, pepper, and a few peppercorns, and marinate for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Cut off the onion, ginger, and peppercorns, and filter out the juice. The juice here is relatively fishy.

Step 4: Take two flat plates, break in two eggs and stir them up, put a little flour on the other plate, drag the hairtail fish with a layer of egg liquid first, then dip a layer of flour, put the fish into the plate middle.

Step 5: Take the pan and heat the oil at 50% heat, put in the octopus segments, wait until one side is set to a golden color, then turn over and fry the other side, both sides are golden and can be taken out of the pan, and can be eaten with salt and pepper.



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