My mother made homemade salted duck eggs, just because of adding “this step”, the salted eggs flowed with oil and sand, and they will not be bad for a year

My mother made homemade salted duck eggs, just because of adding “this step”, the salted eggs flowed with oil and sand, and they will not be bad for a year

Everyone has eaten salted duck eggs. When eating out in restaurants, we can often eat salted duck eggs. For some people, salted duck eggs are not delicious, but for some people, salted duck eggs are the best. Especially for some people, a salted duck egg is a must when eating. Like the editor, I really like to eat salted duck eggs. I can’t wait to eat it with every meal. Salted duck eggs are really special for meals. When I was at home, my mother especially liked to eat salted duck eggs. Once marinated, she would marinate a whole jar, and it smelled very delicious.

My mother’s craftsmanship can be said to be very good. The salted duck eggs are not only crispy in shell, but also have sandy yolks. Sometimes they are left there for a whole year without breaking, and they can even be taken out to eat. . I especially like to eat the salted duck eggs made by my mother, not only because they are served with rice, but more importantly, they taste like home and are very enjoyable to eat. So how do the salted duck eggs I make ensure that each one is oily and sandy? In fact, it’s just because she added “this step”, so let’s let the editor take everyone to see it together today!

Homemade salted duck eggs add “this step”

After so many years, I finally know how my mother makes salted duck eggs. I can often see her buying a big bag of fresh duck eggs from outside. When it comes to buying fresh duck eggs, first of all, we must pay attention to the selection of duck eggs when we make salted duck eggs. We must choose fresh duck eggs, especially the kind of native duck eggs. The soil on them means that they are duck eggs born from native ducks, so you can rest assured. use. Like my mother, the duck eggs bought by my mother are all with soil.

After the duck eggs are bought, wash the duck eggs and soak them in hot water. This is for sterilization. After soaking, put them in the sun for a period of time. It is also for sterilization. Eggs can also produce oil. After finishing these, we can start to prepare the materials needed for marinating. First, we prepare star anise, pepper, fragrant leaves, a little cinnamon, and then prepare a little salt. First of all, we melt the table salt, soak it in water to form brine, and then put the brine in the refrigerator to cool.

At this time, we can start what we call “this step”. First, we prepare a bottle of high-grade liquor, put the duck eggs into the jar one by one, pour in an appropriate amount of water, put all the peppers and the like in it, and then put the duck eggs in the jar. Pour in high-grade white wine, and use alcohol to marinate the salted eggs, which can make the salted eggs quicksand. This method is particularly useful.

This is an extra step for homemade salted duck eggs. If you learn it, you can try it at home, or if you are interested, you can also like it. Here is the most comprehensive explanation of food production, and will also tell you some secrets of making food. If you are interested in this aspect, you can click to subscribe, so that you can easily enter the homepage to watch the articles updated every day. Well, this is the end of today’s article, see you next time



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