No matter what kind of fish you fry, don’t put it directly into the pan, remember 3 secrets, don’t break the skin and don’t stick to the pan

No matter what kind of fish you fry, don’t put it directly into the pan, don’t forget 3 secrets, don’t break the skin and don’t stick to the pan

Fish is known for being delicious and nutritious. Especially in spring, the fish is round and suitable for eating more. Suitable for people of all ages to supplement protein, minerals and vitamins. Also, due to the recent cold and flu, eat more fish to supplement the diet and strengthen the body.

In spring, the fish I most recommend are crucian carp and sea bass. Although crucian carp is a river fish, it is very nutritious and it is also excellent for making soup. The meat of sea bass is delicate and thick. Whether it is steamed or braised, it tastes good, rich in nutrition and full of umami.

Of the many methods of cooking fish, many involve a “baking” step. For example, before steaming crucian carp soup, roast crucian carp first, so that the stewed soup will have a stronger aroma. However, the biggest problem you may encounter when frying fish is that the fried fish sticks to the pan!

In fact, no matter what fish you fry, you can’t put it directly into the pan. If you want a non-stick pan without breaking the skin, remember 3 secrets.

【Fish frying skills】

Raw materials: fish, ginger, salt, wine, cooking oil

1. If you want to remove the fishy smell, remember to marinate with salt, cooking wine and ginger slices for about 10 minutes after treatment. After marinating, be sure to wipe off the water with kitchen paper, otherwise it is easy to stick to the pan and splash oil when baking. This is the first secret.

2. Then heat the pot. At this time, don’t pour the oil directly, but take a thick slice of ginger and spread it around the hot pot. Wipe the pan with ginger. This will also prevent the fish from sticking to the pan and breaking the skin. This is the second secret.

3. Then pour oil into the pan, then put the fish in, turn over low heat and start frying slowly, that’s it. We fry the fish in cold oil on low heat in a hot pan, this is the third secret, and it can also be a non-stick pan. After the oil temperature rises slowly, you can turn the pot to make the oil more even.

4. Bake until the bottom is formed, turn it over, continue to bake on the other side, and bake on both sides until it is set, then you can take it out of the pan or continue to bake.



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