She was a school girl of Fudan University. She never exercised and liked to eat meat. She lived to be 112 years old. The secret of longevity only said 4 words

We know that the school belle is the most beautiful girl in a school. In today’s society where beauties are prevalent, the school belle is actually not as beautiful as before.

It’s just that if this time is pushed back a few decades, and you look at the silhouettes of those beauties in the Republic of China, you will know what is called true beauty and elegance, and what is called the real school girl demeanor. Yan Youyun is such a school belle who is sought after by all the boys in the school, but she is also the most unknown celebrity in the Republic of China.

Yan Youyun was born in a wealthy family in Zhejiang in 1905. The land in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was the economic center of the country both in the Republic of China and today. During the Republic of China, those who could be called rich in Jiangsu and Zhejiang had not only wealth in their families, but also certain social connections. Because a businessman has a broad vision, Yan Youyun has received top-notch education since she was a child. One of the two teachers in the family is responsible for teaching Chinese and the other is responsible for teaching English.

Good family education made Yan Youyun the first batch of female students of Fudan University in 1927 (transferred from Hujiang University, because Fudan University did not accept female students before). But the reason why Yan Youyun really caused a sensation on campus was not only because she was the first batch of female students on campus, but also because she was the most beautiful, most foreign-style, and most luxurious among the first batch of female students.

Yan Youyun’s father owned a silk cloth shop, and the business was very big; as the lady of the family, Yan Youyun was naturally qualified to choose the clothes in the store at will, so she was glamorous every day. Yan Youyun owns a car. You must know that the people who could own a car in that era were all big families who were either rich or expensive;

But Yan Youyun is a little different from other celebrities. She likes to drive by herself and attracts everyone’s attention every time she goes to school. Because her car’s license plate number is 84, the school boys also called this car “Love Flower” (84 in English is EightyFour, transliterated as Love Flower).

Such a lively beauty is naturally easy to attract the attention of everyone. Not only the male students in the school admire her, but even some successful people are inevitably attracted by her. Yang Guangyu is one of them. Yang Guangying was a famous diplomat during the Republic of China. He was a professor at Tsinghua University and an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His family was also a businessman, a big silk merchant in Huzhou.

The two met at a dance and soon fell in love. In 1929, they held a grand wedding in Shanghai, with thousands of guests, and the host was Foreign Minister Wang Zhengting. Yang Guangsheng is a good official, and he is a good official with great patriotism, but unfortunately in that troubled world, good people may not necessarily live long.

In 1942, Yang Guangzheng, then Chinese Consul General in Manila (Philippines), and seven other colleagues were unwilling to surrender in the face of the Japanese invasion, and all died for the country. Yan Youyun immediately integrated the wives of other diplomats and their families, and everyone supported them through the hardest years; and even though the days were so difficult, Yan Youyun was still elegant, and she would play the piano to relax her mind in her spare time.

After the end of the Anti-Japanese War, Yan Youyun came to New York with her three daughters, and became a protocol officer of the United Nations by virtue of her outstanding appearance and knowledge. This was her first official job in 40 years. During her tenure at the United Nations, she met Gu Weijun, the most famous diplomat in my country.

Regarding this emotional entanglement, some people think that Yan Youyun is so elegant that someone should take good care of her after all; some people think that no matter how many reasons there are, Yan Youyun has always been involved in Gu Weijun’s marriage. In 1959, 55-year-old Yan Youyun and Gu Weijun were officially married, and Gu Weijun was 72 years old this year.

By the way, Gu Weijun’s original wife, Huang Huilan, wrote a book called “A Banquet That Never Ends” in her later years, which contained all the love and hatred between her and Gu Weijun, and it was obvious that there was resentment; But she never mentioned the lady who had intervened in their marriage.

In 1985, Gu Weijun, who accompanied Yan Youyun for 26 years, died at the age of 97; Yan Youyun did not sink down, she was still elegant, even on her 110th birthday, she still wore high heels and cheongsam, put on lipstick and danced with her son-in-law . She doesn’t pay attention to health preservation at all. In her life, she likes to eat meat most and doesn’t exercise, but she has lived to the advanced age of 112 years old.



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