Old photos from the late Qing Dynasty: Members of the Boxer Regiment were brutally beheaded, and the old eunuchs selected court ladies for “coating draft”

poor family

In the late Qing Dynasty, the gap between the rich and the poor was very large. When the Eight-Power Allied Forces came, some ordinary people ran as fast as they could. There are also some people who don’t run or run away at all, because they are some poor people who don’t cover their clothes. They are poor and hungry wherever they go. For them, it doesn’t matter who rules them in this society. The same clothes are worn out, and the same food is not full.

Boxers were paraded through the streets

When even the most basic food becomes a problem for people, some people will rebel. The Boxer Regiment was developed from Boxer Boxing in Shandong and Zhili, secret folk associations, and boxing and martial arts organizations. In the beginning, the Boxers were still supported by the Qing government at that time, mainly for “destroying foreigners”.

Boxer Regiment Beheaded

However, because the main members of the Boxers were composed of poor peasants, handicraftsmen, urban poor, small traders and transport workers and other lower-class people, their education levels were generally not high, and they eventually became victims of history.

The photo shows the Boxer Regiment being beheaded.

Boxer Regiment

The Boxers claimed that swords and guns were invulnerable, and that old Chinese doctors could cure all diseases. In the photo, a volunteer in the name and the regiment is drawing a protective talisman for another, which is just for comfort.

beggar begging

A group of beggars are begging around a rich man. These beggars hope that the rich man can give some money. But the landlady came over domineeringly and ignored the beggar. The tattered clothes of the beggar are in obvious contrast with the glamorous landlady.

rich lord

The gap between rich and poor in the late Qing Dynasty was too great. A rich old man poses for a photo in a photo studio, wearing bright clothes, holding a folding fan and smiling.

old maid

An old court lady is letting a young eunuch push her on a swing. The origin of this old maid is not simple. She is Zhang Yuchun, a court lady in the late Qing Dynasty. Zhang Yuchun was a very prestigious court lady in the imperial palace in the late Qing Dynasty. This is because she served many masters with unusual identities. And this first master was the Empress Dowager Cixi in the late Qing Dynasty.

choose maid of honor

Palace ladies are usually selected at a young age or in their teens. These palace ladies are all selected through “coating draft”, and many of them are daughters of poor families.


After the Manchu Qing entered the customs, in order to enslave the common people, they shaved their hair to castrate the spirit of resistance of the common people, which led to hundreds of years of insensitivity, and the Manchu Qing enslaved the Han people for three hundred years


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