Beauty eats pasta like this, netizen: 666666! Eat another 10 bowls to see if you still slip?

Food is a life-threatening existence for a foodie. As long as it is a gourmet foodie, even if he is full, he will still want to eat, and he does not want to stop at all. This is the case for every foodie. The life pursuit of a foodie is to taste food from all over the world. , I don’t want to miss any delicacy, why are there still foodies who are so greedy at a young age? Because he knows how to enjoy life and knows that his youth is limited, he is afraid that one day he will miss out on many delicacies that he could have tasted when he was young, but he will be powerless to taste them when he is old. It is an ironclad fact that life is short, so people of different ages should enjoy delicious food of different ages, otherwise it is a pity that a person finds that he has eaten too little delicious food after a lifetime ? So when you have nothing to do, you should find some food to enjoy, let’s take a look at today’s food sharing! See if it is also suitable for you to eat? The delicacy I will share with you today is pasta. There are many ways to eat pasta, and this kind is also very common! But netizens who eat beautiful women like this said 666666! Another 10 bowls to see if you are still skating? Let’s go and see how it is eaten! As shown in the picture above, most people eat noodles like this, but the bowls of beautiful women are a bit bigger, but in the eyes of foodies, such bowls are not big at all. There is still a bowl of minced chili in her hand, and it is reasonable to prepare chili for dinner. It can be said, why do netizens praise her 666? look down!

Oh my god, I read that right, the beauty poured the chili into the bowl like this, it’s so cool, people put it with a spoon, she can pour it in a bowl, go and see how much she poured!

Oh my god, I poured all the peppers in. There are so many. I have to say that you have an iron stomach if you eat like this. You are not afraid of burning your stomach with peppers. Let’s go and see how to eat!

Such a big chopstick is eaten with one mouthful and one chopstick. It is full of chili peppers. I took it, but netizens said that it is really easy to eat a bowl. If you eat 10 bowls, I don’t know if you will still slip. Everyone What do you think about eating and broadcasting now?

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