The Case for Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy S22 models.

Samsung takes a “maximalist” approach to its Galaxy smartphones. Some of them have massive screens with nearly a half dozen cameras on the back and more features than you can possibly use.

That’s pretty much the story on Galaxy phones. If you want an Android smartphone with all the , look no further. Of course, not all Samsung phones are the same. The company pumps out .

Power user features aside, Samsung also has great . Samsung offers four Android upgrades and five years of security updates for a majority of its devices. That’s a long time, and it makes your purchase go further.

On the hardware front, Samsung is one company that tends to push the envelope. It’s essentially the only manufacturer making devices with folding displays for the U.S. More “normal” models, like the , also have tons to offer.

That’s the case for Galaxy phones—tons of features, great software support, and high-end hardware. It’s hard to go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy phone if you’re an Android fan.

The Case for Google Pixel

Pixel 6 devices

Google Pixel phones are almost the exact opposite of Galaxy phones. The Pixel software is a much more minimal experience. You can think of Pixel phones as sort of the iPhone of the Android world.

You can pretty much do everything a Pixel can do on a Galaxy phone, but the opposite isn’t true. Pixel phones are not bloated with features. However, Pixel phones do have their fair share of exclusive features as well.

A lot of the focus on Pixel phones revolves around the cameras. If you want a dead-simple camera experience that will give you some amazing-looking photos, . You also get some to go along with it.

Google offers good software support, though it’s not quite as good as Samsung’s. Newer Pixel phones receive three years of Android upgrades and five years of security updates. Older models only get three years of Android upgrades and security updates.

There aren’t as many Pixel models to choose from if you’re looking for variety. Google typically releases two “flagship” models and a budget A-series device every year. Unlike Samsung, there isn’t really an “Ultra” model with everything you could imagine. The priciest Pixel only has two rear cameras.

The case for Google Pixel phones comes down to simplicity and camera performance. If you like Google, value simplicity, and take a lot of photos, a Pixel phone is a great choice.

Which Should You Buy?

The story of Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel is really a matter of maximalist vs minimalist. Samsung has tons of different models, tons of features, many colors to choose from, and so much more. There’s truly a Samsung phone for everyone.

Google’s approach is much more focused and streamlined. It only releases a few phones a year in just a couple of colorways. The Pixel experience is intended to be simple and accessible to everyone. The camera takes a prominent role on Pixel devices.

Which should you buy? You would very likely be . If you like to maximize what your smartphone can do, a Galaxy phone is an easy choice. If you prefer a more curated experience, a Pixel phone is a great choice. They offer very different ways to get to the same place, but the choice is yours.