Spring leeks are fresh and tender, use them to make breakfast pasta, fresh but not greasy enough to eat, and the method is also simple

Spring leeks are fresh and soft and can be used in breakfast pasta. It tastes fresh but not greasy, and the method is simple.

March is a good time to eat leeks in Yangchun. Leeks are rich in vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients. Leek is used to make fried eggs, fried tofu, fried meat, soup, stuffing and so on. It is delicious and tender. favorite.

In some pasta making, leeks can be mixed with fillings, which are delicious and delicious, such as the leek fresh meat dumplings or pancakes, fried buns, etc. that we often make, take a bite, tender and juicy, and share three breakfast pasta stuffed with leeks , Fresh but not greasy, not fat, and the method is simple, let’s take a look.

【Leek Egg Pancake】

The pancakes that are burnt on the outside and soft on the inside are loved by everyone. They are also a popular pasta snack on the street. They have thin skins and lots of fillings. If you like to eat a crispy outer layer, you can fry it quickly; if you like to eat a soft one, you can add a little water. Cook for a minute or two, then fry for a while, then remove from the pan. You can eat three at a time.

Ingredients: 300 grams of flour, 110 grams of boiling water, 60 grams of cold water; 400 grams of leek, 5 eggs, appropriate amount of shrimp skin, 3 teaspoons of refined salt, appropriate amount of cooking oil;

Method: 1. Prepare leeks, wash and drain, add an appropriate amount of cooking oil, cut and mix well to prevent water loss and seepage;

2. Add edible oil to the pot and heat it up, pour in the eggs and continue to circle; fry the broken eggs until cooked, add an appropriate amount of refined salt and mix well;

3. Add leeks and eggs, add shrimp skins, add refined salt, mix well and set aside;

4. First add the flour to the boiling water, pour it in and mix well, then add cold water, knead it into a dough, and let it stand for 15 minutes.

5. Knead again until smooth, and the dough becomes soft after proofing;

6. Divide into noodles, roll them out, and wrap them with fillings; close your mouth;

7. Put the cake in an electric baking pan or a frying pan, add a small amount of water, cover the pan, and turn over and fry until light yellow when the water dries up.

【Fried Bun with Leek】

Fried buns, the bottom is crispy, who doesn’t love soft and delicious fried buns? A delicious leek and egg filling is mixed in a pan, kneaded into a dough, rolled up and baked. It is more popular than steamed. After frying, the bottom layer is browned and crispy. The filling is delicious and juicy. Breakfast at the table is simple.

Stir-fried steamed buns with leeks: 500 grams of flour, 255 grams of water, 4 grams of yeast, 8 grams of sugar; 400 grams of leeks, 2 eggs, 100 grams of vermicelli, 4 teaspoons of refined salt, and an appropriate amount of cooking oil.

Method: 1. First reconcile the dough, add yeast to the water, add flour and sugar after reconciliation, the sugar can be left out; knead into a smooth dough;

2. Then mix the stuffing, wash and drain the leeks, chop and mix with cooking oil, add fried eggs, refined salt and a little shrimp shell, mix well and set aside;

3. Knead the obtained dough again until it is smooth, divide it into small doughs, and roll them into sheets with thin sides and thick middle;

4. Roll in the stuffing and close your mouth like a bun; it can be tested for 15 minutes; or put it directly into the pot; 5. Put the steamed buns into the pot, pour in flour and water, mix well with a small amount of flour and water, Put one-third of the steamed buns into the pot;

6. After the water boils, fry until the bottom layer is crispy.

【Leek Egg Pancake】

Add a handful of leeks, two eggs and an appropriate amount of flour, mix well and fry, and the simple and delicious breakfast vegetable cake is on the table. If mixing stuffing is too troublesome, try this quick chive omelette.

Raw materials: leeks, eggs, flour, water, refined salt, cooking oil.

Method: 1. Prepare eggs, leeks and flour. There is no need to have too many leeks, a small handful is enough;

2. Chopped leeks and set aside;

3. Add flour and eggs, mix well, then add appropriate amount of water and salt and mix well;

4. The dough should not be too thin or too thick, it will flow easily;

5. Fry in a pan until the bottom layer is solidified, turn over and fry for a while before serving.

The leeks in March are fresh and tender. They are used to make breakfast pasta. They are delicious and nutritious. Do you like the above three leek pasta dishes? The method is simple, fried, delicious, let’s do it together.


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