The method of scallion pancakes that you have never tried before, add one more ingredient, no matter how you bake it, it will be crispy, crispy and soft

The method of scallion pancakes that you have never tried before, add one more ingredient, no matter how you bake it, it will be crispy, crispy and soft. In the past, I couldn’t make scallion pancakes. Every time I made them, they were hard and unpalatable. Later, I was chatting downstairs with my neighbor’s sister. She said that her pancakes are excellent, especially the homemade scallion pancakes are the best. I have to make a few catties of noodles every time. Upon hearing this, I hurriedly asked my elder sister for advice, and followed the method when I got home. The effect was really extraordinary. My husband and children ate it and talked about it. Today we are going to make soft-faced scallion pancakes. If you master the method, the pancakes will be soft and soft, and will not harden when cold.

Prepare ingredients:

Plain flour, boiled water, cold water, cooking oil, scallion oil, cornmeal, chopped scallion, salt

specific methods:

1. We first prepare 500g of ordinary household flour. When kneading the noodles, we scald half of them with 150g of boiling water. For the other half, we use the same weight of cold water to knead the noodles. After stirring them into large flocculents, Let’s add some cooking oil, the skin of the baked cake will be more crispy. At the end, we have been kneading the dough until it is smooth and well-proportioned. Cover it with plastic wrap and leave it for 40 minutes to allow the gluten to form on its own. .

2. The time is almost up, and our dough is ready. Sprinkle some dry flour on the chopping board. After the dough is ready, we will directly divide it into two doughs for operation.

3. No need to knead when handling the dough, just use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a rectangular shape.

4. After rolling, brush the surface with a layer of scallion oil, then sprinkle a layer of finer cornmeal, then put a layer of chopped green onion, and finally add salt to taste.

5. We divide it into two halves directly, and pay attention not to cut off the bottom part.

6. When stacking the crust, fold it directly along one end, and finally tighten the seal.

7. When rolling out the dough, press it flat first, then use a rolling pin to roll it into a suitable size.

8. Before pancakes, you must preheat the pan first, then brush a layer of oil, and then brush a layer of oil on the surface of the cake skin, which can lock the moisture of the cake, so that the cake we bake will be softer.

9. After baking for less than 2 minutes, the bottom of the cake has changed color. At this time, we turn it over and continue baking. It can be baked out of the pan when it is cooked.

10. Cut into small pieces with a knife and serve immediately.

11. Use cornmeal as an auxiliary when making pancakes, so that there will be more layers, and even if it is finely ground cornmeal, it will not have a rough taste when eating. This is the end of today’s thousand-layer scallion pancake tutorial. Have you learned it yet?



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