This is the best way to make chili peppers, the ingredient is a handful of chili peppers, the method is super simple

Hello everyone, I am Ah Fei of the first cuisine, changing the meal starts from paying attention to Ah Fei and diversifying your table.

Today I will share with you the method of tiger skin chili, this dish can be called a rice artifact, spicy and appetizing.

Take a bite of warm and refreshing.

If you like it, please collect it!

500g green chili pepper, after cleaning, cut off the roots.

Cut the garlic into slices, the ginger into shredded ginger, and the green onions into shredded green onions.

5 grams of green thread pepper, 5 grams of millet pepper,

Cut into chili rings.

Next, we fry the pepper in oil, burn the oil in the pot, the oil temperature is fifty percent hot, and the oil surface is slightly smoked,

Add the green peppers.

Fry over medium-low heat for about one minute, fry until the chili skin is yellow and wrinkled.

It is best to burst the tiger skin-like prints and fish out the pepper to control the oil.

Leave the base oil in the pot, add green onions, ginger and garlic and stir-fry together,

After stir-frying the garlic aroma,

Add 2 grams of dried chili pepper,

Continue stir-frying for a while, add an appropriate amount of water,


4g light soy sauce, 2g spicy fresh sauce, 1g chicken broth mix, 6g sugar,

Stirring to homogenize the seasoning,

Pour in some water starch, boil the soup until it is sticky, and then put in the green and red pepper rings to match the color, and it looks good.

Finally, add the fried peppers and stir-fry together.

After stir-frying evenly, it can be taken out of the pan and put on the plate. At this point, the tiger pepper is ready.



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