VietNam -16-year-old British pilot arrives in Vietnam on round-the-world flight

British-Belgian mack Rutherford, 16, has landed in Vietnam while trying to conquer his goal of flying around the world.

The British Embassy in Vietnam said on July 20 that Mack Rutherford, a 16-year-old British-Belgian pilot, landed in Da Nang on July 19.

Departing from Bulgaria in March 2022, Rutherford flew the Sharky ultralight aircraft from Europe, over Africa and now Asia. He stopped in Kolkata (India) and Chiang Mai (Thailand) before arriving in Vietnam.

According to the British Embassy, Rutherford is currently on a special journey with the goal of breaking the record for the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world. On the British Embassy’s Facebook page, rutherford’s image taken on the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang was also posted.

Rutherford grew up in a family with a tradition of being a pilot. Before making the special journey, he had hundreds of hours of experience flying with his father, including two across the Atlantic.

Earlier this year, Zara Rutherford, Rutherford’s 19-year-old sister, became the youngest female pilot ever to fly solo around the world. The previous record was set by American pilot Shaesta Waiz at the age of 30.

Rutherford said on her website: “I want to take advantage of this journey to meet young people who have done incredible things that make a difference to their communities or even to the world. Few people usually know about these things. Together, we can show that young people can make a difference.”

Rutherford’s next stop is the Philippines.According to


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