VietNam – Ha Noi – Asean+ Police Congress 2022 takes place in Hanoi walking street

The 2022 ASEAN+ Police Festival is organized to enhance cultural and musical exchanges, promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam with international friends.

The ASEAN+ Police Festival 2022 will take place on July 9-10, including two parades around hoan Kiem Lake Shore and a concert program. These are all key activities in the series of activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Traditional Day of the People’s Police Force.

As the host country of the ASEAN+ Police Music Festival 2022, the Vietnam Police Orchestra with nearly 100 musicians and actors, especially in the concert program led by Major Nguyen Tien Dung as conductor and conductor of the orchestra, will perform special works, This includes the work “Highlands into society”. This is a repertoire with a combination of brass orchestra and T’falcon.

According to information from the organizers, in addition to the individual performances of the bands, the program is expected to close with 2 extremely special performances. All musicians of the music troupes participating in the Festival will perform the song “Rice Drums” – Northern Plain Folk Songs (composed: Musician Do Hong Quan) and the work “Vietnam People’s Police March” (composed by Trong Bang Musician).

This performance conveyed the highest message of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam on solidarity, cooperation and traditional friendship between the police forces of other countries in the fight against transnational crime, for peace, for the benefit of each country’s people.

Performing in public spaces will strengthen the connection between artists and police soldiers in particular, the People’s Police force in general with domestic audiences and international friends. Therefore, with the works selected to perform this time, promising to bring a fascinating and colorful music party.



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