VietNam – Showbiz- Hong Dang, Ho Hoai Anh have their images removed from many advertisements

When the artist representing the brand is involved in adverse rumors with a serious nature, brands will often unilaterally remove the image, even claim the contract …

Hong Dang – the actor who regularly appears on movies at the golden hour of VTV is the face of many famous brands, including: Real estate, cars, motorcycles, fashion …

Meanwhile, Ho Hoai Anh is also a famous musician. He developed a music career in many roles as producer and judge, coach of shows, reality TV music competitions.

Before the incident, the musician also received many invitations to attend the event, close advertisements, post status lines on his personal page … With an attractive level of sand.

Hong Dang, Ho Hoai Anh removed images on many ads - 1
Actor Hong Dang in an ad (Photo: Screenshot).

However, as noted up to this point, some real estate sites that have posted videos and images featuring actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh to promote the brand have removed the content.

Hong Dang, Ho Hoai Anh removed images on many ads - 2
Musician Ho Hoai Anh advertises for a brand (Photo: Facebook character).

The talk show “Learn to Love” produced by a brand, released on YouTube in June 2021 with the participation of artist Ho Hoai Anh also could not be found on the page of this brand.

Many links to articles promoting the appearance of these two artists at events also unexpectedly “fly color”.

On the contrary, there are many brands about cars, drinking water, household items … I still have the image of these two artists.

Around the story of the impact of the artist’s scandal on the brand and the direction of handling, Pv Tri had a conversation with Mr. Nguyen Huu Anh – Co-founder and Ceo of W Media Entertainment (Entertainment, Media and Management Company of many famous artists).

Mr. Nguyen Huu Anh said: “The setting of treatment options in a noisy situation involving the artist is often based on the seriousness of the incident and the situation of cooperation between the brand and the artist.

If the noise has not yet made an impact on the brand, the cooperation usually continues with careful monitoring from the parties.

If the noise occurs on a large scale and the brand is attacked by the online community or boycotted by consumers, they will urgently consider continuing to collaborate with that artist.

In a collaborative situation that is short-term as the artist attends the event – performs or posts a promotional post, the processing will be quick, less complicated and not as damaging as the situation where the artist is representing the brand.

But in any context, as a connected unit, we always propose exchanges and dialogues between the parties to clarify the situation, thereby coordinating the handling of the crisis in the most quickly, frank, effective and understanding way.”

According to the research of Pv Dan Tri, if the noise related to the artist is unfounded, is an incident or is believed to be not the artist intentionally created, the usual brand will choose to suspend the use of the artist’s image until the public opinion settles or the incident is verified correctly.

But if the noise in the newspapers is directly caused by the artist such as the artist being caught while taking banned substances, the artist violating ethics, there have been conclusions of investigation … , the handling is often more stressful.

In addition to terminating the contract, discontinuing the use and removing all images related to the artist in the scandal, the brand may also ask the artist to compensate for the actual damages incurred in connection with the suspension of this cooperation such as: The entire cost of producing advertising materials, Advertising expenses have been and are being covered along with other damages.

Earlier, on July 7, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pv Tri asked the question: “Ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for detailed information on the situation of two Vietnamese citizens believed to be actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh who are being investigated by the Spanish authorities for alleged sexual abuse. The Spanish side has made any official announcement to Vietnam and how to protect citizens in this case.”

Responding to the above question, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said: “The Vietnamese Embassy in Spain has received a notification from the Spanish police. The Embassy has urgently taken the first step to implement measures to protect citizens.”

“The Spanish authorities are in the process of collecting information and evidence for the investigation of the case. Currently, the aforementioned citizen is in normal health, receiving legal assistance in accordance with regulations,” Hang said.



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